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XXXPower Aphrodisiac Cream Review

xxxpower creamXXXPower is an aphrodisiac cream which is applied to the penis to encourage sexual desire and maintain an erection.

The product’s selling point is that many other products can stimulate the physiological process to cause an erection but fail to maintain it because the sexual desire must be present also.

The manufacturers believe XXXPower can help you maintain both sexual arousal and a lasting erection.

If you have visited the marketing website then you may have some doubts about the quality of this product.

We took a closer look.

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What Is XXXPower?

The product is in the form of a cream which should be applied directly to the penis. The company explains that the cream is an ancestral secret from Paraguay?…Also that it is not a ‘potion’ but a ‘very powerful cream’.

It’s difficult to believe without some evidence of the ingredients in the cream. The bottle has several ingredients listed – the main one is water!


The two main active ingredients are:

  • Ginkgo and
  • Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) or Serrulata

Unfortunately neither of these ingredients have had great success in scientific studies for sexual arousal nor testosterone increase.

Ginko’s ability to increase libido cannot be ruled out at this point as there is some evidence that it may help. However, most detailed studies don’t support this effect.

For cognitive enhancement, however, Ginkgo biloba is effective. In this case it will probably not work for cognitive function because XXXPower is a cream for the penis!

Saw Palmetto showed promise for a testosterone increase but the clinical trials with humans have shown that it does not really work. One study showed a slight increase in sexual function.

Usage Guidelines: Make sure to read the directions on the bottle. Once applied to the penis, the company says the effects will start within the time it takes to count slowly to fifteen.

According to them, the resulting erection and arousal can last up to 45 minutes.

Is There a Guarantee?

The product is guaranteed for 30 days following use and they say you can even return empty bottles.

If you have not experienced results within a slow count to 15 and then for 45 minutes thereafter it is enough to request your refund.

We did not test the return and refund policy so we cannot comment on whether it works or not.

Customer Feedback

The only positive customer comments we could find about XXXPower were published on their own website.

These may be genuine testimonials but they cannot be regarded as independent feedback.


All purchases are in Euros and must be conducted through the website. It redirects you to a different purchase page where you create an account and pay with a credit card.

Prices range from €35 for 1 tube of cream (10 uses) to €98 for 6 tubes of cream (60 uses).

Conclusion and Recommendations

vigrx productXXXPower may work for some men who are experiencing problems with maintaining arousal and erections. In our experience it may only be because you or your sexual partner are applying a cream to your penis!

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