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Vitamin D – Are You Getting Enough? – Probably Not…

Vitamin D FeelingThe benefits of Vitamin D are grossly underrated. Just a small amount can have a large impact on many aspects of health, from happiness to your heart, from bone density to muscle mass.

In fact, it could be said that most people in northern latitudes are semi-deficient in Vitamin D, and many people in lower latitudes have insufficient amounts in their system.

What’s more, the general lack of understanding about it is shocking. Even health and nutrition authorities don’t understand it, or are working with outdated information.

If governmental health authorities and health professionals don’t get the message out to the population, what hope is there!?

Well, thankfully, you have found this article. If you are reading this, then it is likely that you are not getting enough Vitamin D.
As such, what you take away from this article, may very well IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH, MOOD, MUSCLE MASS AND QUALITY OF LIFE!!!

Ignore the RDA

Big statement in the introduction or what!!!

Can you really improve your overall health, happiness and quality of life with a supplement as simple as Vitamin D.


It’s not a statement we’ve written just to get your attention. It’s the golden nugget of truth that can help you no end.

The first thing to do is forget about the RDA – or Recommended Daily Allowance. It’s set at 400 – 800 IU (International Units) and equates to the minimal dose you need to avoid rickets / osteoporosis.

Machine Worker
Do you work inside all day? Vitamin D will help you

That’s great, but there are so many things – besides bone structure – that D can offer, and 800 IU doesn’t even come close to enough for all of it.

For starters, it doesn’t take into account your geographical location. As everyone knows, Vitamin D is synthesized in our bodies when sunlight hits our skin. So the powers that be have decided – based on average sun exposure and blaah blaah – that if you take a multi-vitamin with 400 – 800 IU, you are at least going to grow up with straight legs.

…but what if you live in a place where a few months of the year are pretty dull, wintery, snowy and for the most part – sunless???

And then there’s the modern affliction, caused by the commercial and industrial age we live in, which is working indoors.

It sounds odd, but if you work in an office, workshop or any indoor location, you probably don’t see much sun either.

So, what’s all the fuss about? What are these benefits that make it so advantageous to supplement Vitamin D?

Benefits of the D

doctorVitamin D is necessary for survival. If you are alive and don’t have osteoporosis, then you obviously have the minimum required.

However, depending on where you live and what you do for a living, there some excellent benefits to taking a supplemental amount.

  • Increases Bone Density and Strength
  • Enhances Mood and overall feelings of Vitality
  • Heightens Cognitive Function
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Optimizes Testosterone Levels
  • Improves Heart Health
  • AND, it helps you WAKE UP IN THE MORNING!!!

That’s a lot of benefits, and you will honestly feel a world of difference just a couple of weeks into taking a regular supplement, daily.

Dosage Guidelines – How Much To Take

There is a lot of research on Vit D available and most of it supports the argument that 800 IU is not sufficient to experience all of its benefits, and 400 IU definitely isn’t.

We’re happy to recommend 2000 IU because it will cover all bases for all people, no matter where you live or what you do for a living. It’s also a long way off the safe upper limit which is currently marked at 4000 IU (though research suggests it is more like 10,000 IU).

Supplement Type – Recommendations

Vitamin D in OilVitamin D is fat soluble, which means it is best taken with some kind of fat based food to get the most benefit.

However, Vitamin D3 is the most bioavailable type and it can come in the form of oil filled capsules. This helps its absorption into your system.

Vitamin D is present in foods such as fish, eggs and fortified dairy products, but it is best not to rely on this alone and at least back yourself up with 1000 IU of Vitamin D, even if you have a sunny lifestyle and good diet.


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