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Vexxum – by Pro Supps – Fat Burner with Yohimbine Reviewed

VexxumVexxum is a metabolism boosting diet pill produced in Texas by Pro Supps. The company manufactures a number of other sports supplements and do most of their marketing via their own site and

Pro Supps describe Vexxum as a “new fat burning miracle” that primes the body for “optimal weight loss”; and several enticing benefits are offered:

  • Appetite Control
  • Mood Support
  • Intense, Ultra-Concentrated Thermogenic Metabolizer
  • Three State Caffeine Blend For Long Lasting Energy

What is Vexxum and How Does it Work?

The marketing material states Vexxum utilizes a combination of trademarked ingredients (TeaCrine and Cocoabuteral) and other sources of caffeine that will provide the body with an endless supply of energy and improve fat burning potential for the entire day—all from a single pill.

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Bitter Orange – The source of octopamine (banned by WADA in 2014)

Each Vexxum capsule provides 627mg of a proprietary blend.

Benefits and negatives are harder to predict without any inclusion rates, but the VEXXUM BLEND contains:

Caffeine Anhydrous: Countless studies prove caffeine’s ability to increase energy levels and enhance alertness. It can also provide a mild boost to the metabolism and further assists weight loss by suppressing the appetite, but experts at the Mayo Clinic state such benefits are likely to be minimal.

Cocoabuterol: A trademarked cocoa extract. As with any cocoa-derived ingredient it provides a mild stimulant called theobromine.

Infinergy Dicaffeine Malate: A patented blend of caffeine and malic acid developed by Createive Compounds and intended to be an alternative to Ephedra. Infinergy is designed to boost energy levels, improve mental focus, and stimulate thermogenesis. Creative Compounds fails to provide proof that it can do these things, but caffeine has these abilities, so it is safe to assume they will be passed on.

Lotus Seed Extract: Although it may have value in other areas, there does not appear to be any evidence that suggests lotus seed has value for supporting fat loss.

Theacrine (as TeaCrine): A patented ingredient that has a similar structure to caffeine and may offer a comparable range of benefits, but research into its abilities is minimal.

Hordenine HCl: A molecule that can be obtained from a number of plant sources and may have value as a stimulant and fat burner, but the potential benefits or hazards its use may initiate are ridiculously under-researched.

Octopamine HCl: A metabolism booster that is believed to also be capable of increasing lipolysis and improving insulin sensitivity.

Caffeine Citrate: A citrate salt of caffeine that offers similar qualities but is faster acting.

Yohimbe Bark Extract: An ingredient that is used to treat a wide range of maladies including erectile dysfunction and anxiety. Some studies suggest it may improve lipolysis, but the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database states the evidence available is insufficient.

Sulbutiamine: A man-made molecule that consists of two Vitamin B1 molecules bonded by a sulphur group. Sulbutiamine shows some ability when it comes to alleviating fatigue, but a 400-600mg dose is required. The entire VEXXUM BLEND is only 627 mg, and it has 10 other ingredients, so the Sulbutiamine content is probably much too low to be of use.

Rauwolfia vomitoria Root Extract: A plant extract that is credited with many abilities, including weight loss, but further study is required in the majority of cases.

How to Take Vexxum – Take one capsule per serving and consume no more than two servings per day.

Customer Feedback

Although there are a few nay-sayers, the majority of customer reviews are very good.

A few sample comments read:

“Helped me to shed a few pounds, but gave me terrible headaches so I had to stop using.”
“I dropped 8 pounds with this product and had some very good sessions in the gym. Definitely a good supplement for getting cut.”
“Energeeee!!! Love these pills because they make me feel so alive and I’ve been dropping the pounds like nobody’s business.”
“I can feel the energy rush kick-in within 15 minutes of swallowing the capsules and it’s great for appetite suppression.”

Side Effects, Health Issues & Supplementary Information

Vexxum is not suitable for people who are under 18-years of age or for pregnant or nursing mothers. Pro Supps also state the product not intended for people who have existing medical issues or anyone using medication. All other potential users are advised to check with their doctor prior to commencing supplementation.

Vexxum should not be used alongside other sources of caffeine or synephrine. If side effects are experienced supplementation must be stopped.


There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

A tub of 45 Vexxum capsules costs $59.99 from the Pro Supps website or $31.97 from It’s also possible to purchase a 5 capsule trial pack for $8.99. At the time of this review were running a promotion where customers who purchased a 45 capsule tub got two of the 5 capsule trial packs thrown in for free.

Most countries, including Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland and many in Europe won’t allow the ingredients in Vexxum to enter so make sure of your domestic laws before ordering it if you are an international buyer.

Vexxum is fairly stimulant oriented with a proprietary, or ‘blind’ formula.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Instant Knockout fat burner
IKO – one of the most highly rated fat burners available

We don’t recommend Vexxum to get you the best results, especially with the strength of the competition that is available in the same category.

Although it has some strong and proven ingredients, there are some factors that we feel limit the product quite heavily; the 627 mg proprietary blend is the main one. For the amount of ingredients in there, 627 is not that much, considering the caffeine will undoubtedly take up at least a third of that weight.

Due to its inclusion of Yohimbine it is not recommended for people who experience anxiety issues.

We recommend a few fat burners, all of which we have thoroughly used ourselves and gotten great results with. To view those products in summary, follow the link below.

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