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ThermaKOR Fat Burner Review – Quality and Potency

ThermaKOR fat burnerThermakor is a dietary supplement manufactured in America by Kor Nutrition. The company only appears to market the one product, but the official website is easy to navigate and provides plenty of information.

The site also provides an email address and a telephone number for customers to contact customer services. That’s a big point in Kor’s favor because far too many manufacturers and suppliers try to remain anonymous and make it unreasonably difficult for customers to contact them with queries and concerns.

ThermaKOR is a very solid fat burner. The ingredients used are included at potent quantities and the prices are excellent.

We are big fans, and pleased to see such an openness to their customer service.

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What is Thermakor and how does it Work?

Thermakor is primarily designed to function as a thermogenic fat burner, but Kor is honest enough to point out the importance of using the capsules in conjunction with proper nutrition and exercise.

Thermogenic fat burners contain ingredients that can cause the body’s core temperature to become slightly higher than normal and speed up the metabolism, causing the body to burn more calories than normal and to begin burning body fat sooner than would normally be the case.

The formulation also contains ingredients that should further enhance weight loss results by providing appetite suppression, along with stimulants that should improve levels of alertness.

thermakor benefitsPromised Benefits Include:

  • Accelerate metabolism through thermogenesis
  • Long-lasting energy
  • Decrease body fat
  • Increase mental focus
  • Eliminate appetite

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

  • Green Tea (300mg): A popular diet pill ingredient that provides a specific form of antioxidant called catechins that can boost the metabolism and trigger thermogenic fat burning. The catechins in green tea are believed to work by inhibiting an enzyme called catechol-O-methyltranferase (COMT) that usually degrades the body’s fat-burning hormone (norepinephrine). By helping to protect norepinephrine levels COMT ensures the efficient metabolic function necessary for fat burning.
  • Garcinia Cambogia (100mg): A popular superfruit ingredient that has acquired a good reputation as a weight loss provider thanks to its ability to manage levels of the stress hormone cortisol – known to affect the appetite. The ingredient’s main prowess is as a fat blocker though. Supplementation with garcinia cambogia has been shown to prevent the body from turning excess carbohydrates into body fat.
  • Razberi-K (200mg): Raspberry ketones assist weight loss by helping the body to break down fat (lipolysis). This is achieved thanks to the ingredient’s ability to make the fat cells more susceptible to the actions of the fat burning hormone norepinephrine (noradrenaline).
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (300mg): Green coffee bean extract can lower blood sugar levels and provide a significant boost to the metabolism. This is achieved thanks to a compound called chlorogenic acid that is naturally present in coffee beans, but is usually sacrificed when the beans are roasted to provide more flavour.
  • Forslean (50mg): Forslean can boost cAMP levels by increasing cellular reactions. An increased level of cAMP activates protein kinase, which then actives the hormone lipase that is necessary for breaking down body fat .
  • Hordenine (25mg): Hordenine restricts the activities of the enzyme monoamine oxidase. This causes a breakdown of neurotransmitters that, in turn, triggers lipolysis and enables the mobilization of an increased amount of fat cells.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg): Caffeine is usually praised for its prowess as a stimulant, but it can also help to suppress the appetite, increase energy expenditure, and improve the body’s fat burning abilities.
  • Synephrine (50mg): Synephrine is a fruit-based ingredient that is both a powerful fat burner and a stimulant. When combined with caffeine, as is the case here, the two ingredients enhance each other’s abilities.
  • Salicin (125mg): Salicin is often included in supplements that contain synephrine because the presence of salicin is can inhibit the actions of prostaglandins that may interfere with synephrine’s effectiveness as a fat burner.

Usage Instructions

One to two capsules are required twice per day and should be taken between meals. The first dose of the day should be taken upon waking, and, for best results, supplementation should be continued for a minimum of three months.

Customer Feedback

Many customers report good results.

A couple of sample testimonials read:

“I’ve only been taking this product for 3 weeks, but that’s long enough for me to know that it works. My appetite is down, my energy levels are up, and the sight of the bathroom scales no longer fills me with dread.”
“Wow! Pretty awesome pills! I’ve never felt so powered-up and alive and I’ve been losing weight from day one.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

The manufacturers admit that side effects may be possible, but state negative reactions are rare. They also point out the caffeine content may be an issue for some users and recommend capsules are not taken within six hours of going to bed.

Thermakor is not suitable for pregnant of nursing mothers, and the FAQs page on the official website suggests potential users consult a physician before commencing supplementation.


A 30 day money back guarantee is offered.

Is ThermaKOR Recommended?

Thermakor contains a number of good ingredients that are combined in a blend that should prove to be very effective for weight loss.

The green tea content will ensure a plentiful supply of the fat burning hormone, norepinephrine, and Raspberi-K should make the fat cells more susceptible to it actions.

Caffeine and synephrine enhance each other’s fat burning powers, and salicin ensures prostaglandins do not limit synephrine’s effectiveness. It’s a well thought out formulation that should deliver good results, and customer feedback suggests many customers have already benefited from use of the blend.

We are happy to add Thermakor to our list of recommended products.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

ThermaKORIt is best to purchase ThermaKOR from the official website, to ensure you are getting the genuine product AND to get the best pricing and shipping rates worldwide.

Customers who take advantage of the offered bulk buy incentives can secure enticing savings and benefit from free shipping.

Different currencies can be used for payment (inc. £GBP, $US, $CAD, EURO) via PayPal, the safest way to pay. And delivery is possible worldwide, including to the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Europe and most others.

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