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Testosterone – Healthy levels, Why Low Levels Is Bad And How To Boost Testosterone

Muscle manTestosterone is really important.

Really, REALLY…Important!!

If you had to pick one thing that epitomizes the bio-chemical make-up of a man, it would be Testosterone. This wonder hormone does more for your health, physique and general well-being than a team of highly skilled surgeons could ever do. And it’s something most of us take for granted.

Only when your natural endogenous supply of Testosterone starts to dwindle do you realize the gaping hole it can leave behind. Equally, only when you get an extra surge of it from somewhere do you appreciate the full extent of its power.

We call it the Big T amongst ourselves, and we love finding ways to boost it – whether through nutrition, supplementation, exercise…any way or how – as long as it’s safe and natural.

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Benefits of Healthy Testosterone Levels

The shorter list would be ‘what DOESN’T the Big T help you with!

Optimal testosterone levels are associated with the following positive impacts:

  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Increased Muscle Strength
  • Decreased Fat Mass
  • Improved Strength/Weight Ratio
  • Improved Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Faster Recovery Times
  • Heightened Energy Levels
  • Improved Mood and Positive Outlook
  • Increased Feelings of Vitality and Rejuvenation
  • Healthier Skin Quality
  • Heightened Sex Drive

There’s more actually, but you probably get the point: An optimal level of Testosterone is a good thing.

What are the Negative Impacts of Low Testosterone Levels?

cholesterolAs is nearly always the case with human biology, if optimal levels elicit lots of benefits, there must be bad news on the other end of the scale.

Low levels of the Big T can undoubtedly affect you in a negative way. We’re not about to list them with as much gusto as we did with the benefits above because it might be more discouraging than it is motivating.

Suffice it to say that you can spin the benefits around, and you’ve got your negatives! What’s worse is that those negatives can lead to further health complications and even increase the risk of diseases, ultimately shortening lifespan.

Oops! We went there anyway. Sorry about that, but at the same time, don’t worry. Even the record holder for the lowest testosterone levels will be able to turn it all around.

Have faith in yourself and you will prevail.

Why Not Anabolic Steroids?

syringe and weightsBelieve us when we say this: we know the kinds of results a guy can get from injecting synthetic testosterone and from using other oral and intravenous steroids for that matter. Unfortunately, we also know the negative side effects and risks as well.

Sometimes we will mention ‘roids in an article or review, or we’ll talk about sympathomimetics (like Clen) from time to time, but we won’t bend on this issue. We are pro-natural and pro-legal on this website, so don’t bother asking us for advice on illicit steroids, associated dosages, cycles, post-cycle therapy (PCT) or anything in between.

That said, some natural ingredients in supplements can be thought of as ‘natural steroids’ or ‘legal steroids’ and may have steroid-like effects – without the negative side effects – so if we talk in those terms then note that there is a difference between that and synthetic steroids.

The Sustainable Way

For us, encouraging your body to steadily increase its own release of the Big T is the most favourable and healthy way to do it in the long term. You will be able to maintain it better, and keep it optimal for as long as possible. This is the Sustainable Way.

Diet and nutrition will be key elements to your success, as will selected supplements and products. Exercise and recovery are right up there too. Sleep is one of the most underrated factors when trying to optimize any aspect of physical conditioning and body chemistry, especially where the endocrine system is concerned.

Low Testosterone – or – Just Want More?

Prime MaleWhatever your motivations for wanting to increase your T levels: bodybuilding, losing weight, sexual activity and so on, the methods by which to do so are pretty much the same.

Some products will be marketed more towards the gym junkies, while others will be aimed at the middle-aged crowd. The same goes for nutrition and exercise related stuff.

The beauty is, Testosterone is Testosterone, and boosting it is going to bring the benefits, no matter what.

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