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T MAX France Review

t maxT MAX is a dietary supplement which is promoted to men of any age who have erectile dysfunction or any problems stimulating and maintaining and erection.

The company discusses statistics to sell their product. According to them 20% of men ranging from 18 to 65 years old suffer from erectile dysfunction.

The manufacturers also promise some kind of size increase to the customer’s penis as well. After reading many of these similar websites, this ‘size increase’ seems to be a different way of describing an erection.

Yes, an erection means your penis fills with blood and therefore lengthens, thickens and becomes hard.

Do these pills actually add permanent length to the penis? – We don’t see how. In fact there’s not much evidence to suggest you will get a strong erection either (see the ingredients section).


VigRX Plus pillsT MAX is yet another supplement which promises a lot on their poorly designed website, but delivers some mediocre results.

They are asking a lot of money for 14 days worth of ingredients which are not very special.

We have reviewed many of these products, and can recommend some that will work effectively, and with much more quality and quantity of ingredients.

Every product we recommend can be shipped to France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada…basically worldwide.

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What Is T MAX?

This is a dietary supplement in capsule/pill form which is contains ingredients that are supposed to increase your ability to stimulate and maintain an erection.

The purchase site is a separate website and so it looks like T MAX is just one of many products which are under one bigger company.

Their reputation is unknown and it is difficult to find any backup to the claims made on the website. They tend to steer the reader away from actual facts of the ingredients they use and target an emotional response by provoking fears of inadequacy: “your wife isn’t satisfied,”…”women think size matters,”…”you are nervous at the crucial moment.”

Erectile dysfunction is a common enough problem and there are natural, herbal ingredients which can help.

Here are the ingredients included in T MAX.


The active ingredients in this supplement are

  • Muira Puama (125mg)
  • Kola Nut (120mg)

Muira Puama has had some success in studies, however the dosage in the study was 10 times what is included in T MAX.

Kola nut is a form of natural caffeine which may help blood flow and mental stimulation a little.

Usage Guidelines: The instructions on the sales website suggest that one capsule should be taken every night with a large glass of water.

Is There a Guarantee?

This product has a 30 day money back guarantee, which excludes shipping.


The packages range from €33 for 7 pills to €99 for 28 pills.

T MAX is available to french and european customers. Canadians, particularly our Quebecois readers will have to look elsewhere. We have recommendations for you below.

T MAX costs €99 for a bottle of 28 pills, which lasts 28 days!!!

Conclusion and Recommendations

Vigrx Plus ReviewThere is nothing that would make us have confidence in T MAX as a way to combat erectile dysfunction.

The fact that two ingredients are the total of its potential should tell you everything you need to know!

We definitely advise you to look elsewhere for a higher quality product that will have much better results and much better ingredients.

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