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Shred JYM – Dr. Jim Stoppani – Fat Burner Review

Shred JYM Fat BurnerShred JYM is the fat burner supplement from the highly respected Dr. Jim Stoppani, who writes for the biggest bodybuilding site in the world as well as having researched at Yale University.

His advice as a scientist and a bodybuilder can be assumed to be golden. One would therefore expect any of the supplement products he develops to be equally valued amongst the community.

If anybody should make a fat burner, it should be this guy…wouldn’t you think?

The best human study subjects are well trained male athletes, and there are many reasons why placebo controlled, double-blind clinical trials are conducted and considered the most valuable information about a product’s efficacy.

We understand the science, and we understand training, but what we can also bring is vast experience of the supplements currently on the market.

We run a cycle, sometimes two cycles, with all of the products we review. If there is something that stands out as positive or negative then we are extremely well attuned to detect it. Thus, we are able to comment on the differences between products that are available.

Read on for the full review.

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What Is Shred JYM and How Does it Work?

Shred JYM is a capsule supplement which contains a formula of different ingredients. The formula is split into 3 “Stages” – “Release”, “Transport”, and “Burn” – which is in keeping with the scientific approach Stoppani adopts with all the products he develops.

Release – is the first stage. Simply put: your fat cells need to release the fatty acids within them for them to shrink.

NOTE: Stoppani hits on a good point in describing the Release stage – You can never get rid of the fat cells you have unless they are surgically removed or taken by liposuction. You can only shrink the ones you already have, by releasing the fat!

Transport – once the fat is released, it needs to be pushed, or transported, into the mitochondria of other cells.

Burn – these mitochondria are like tiny power stations which use fat as fuel to burn in order to convert to energy. The ingredients in the Burn stage help the process along by encouraging your body to speed up the fat burning process.

Key Ingredients

The following ingredients and their inclusion weight is the amount found in 4 capsules of Shred JYM:

1500mg – Acetyl-L-Carnitine
500mg   – Green Tea extract
500mg   – L-Tyrosine
200mg   – Caffeine Anhydrous
50mg      – Capsimax Cayenne Pepper extract
20mg      – Synephrine (Advantra Z)

Thermogenic Fat BurnerSix ingredients make up the entire formula of Shred JYM and it would be difficult to pick a fault with the selections and dosages.

They are all backed by scientific research, as Jim Stoppani would be the first to remind us all.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is the main ingredient to stimulate the release and transport of fatty acids.

Caffeine, while mainly acting as a thermogenic fat burner, can help to release some of the fat from cells.

L-Tyrosine helps Caffeine to improve cognitive function and reduce stress levels.

Synephrine also releases fatty acids from cells and increases metabolic turnover.

Capsimax, the cayenne pepper extract increases thermogenesis and might even activate brown adipose tissue to burn white fat.

Side Effects and Other Issues

doctorWhen you use these products they are most effective when you have reset your caffeine tolerances, by being “off” caffeine for a week or two before starting.

People who have done this, or those who are naturally sensitive to stimulants may have some mild side effects such as nausea and headaches. If that is a concern then we suggest you simply take less than the maximum recommended dosage for the first couple of days.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women (in case any are reading) should avoid taking supplements like this. So should anybody with a pre-existing medical condition or taking prescribed medication.

Consult your doctor if you are unsure about taking fat burners like this one.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Instant Knockout websiteShred JYM is one of the top fat burning products available at the moment. The only thing we would say it is missing is a strong appetite suppression element.

The main problem with trying to lose fat while working out and watching your calorie intake is that you can get miserably hungry.

Appetite suppression is a must for anyone trying to lose weight while remaining active!!!

That’s why we recommend the top fat burner used by professional MMA fighters and boxers who need a real helping hand with their appetite when it comes to dropping to competition weight, while retaining that muscle.

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