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Sexe Bom’b Review UK and Europe

sexe bombSexe Bom’b is a supplement the company says can give you longer, harder erections by increasing the amount of blood cells in the penis.

The product site targets the insecurities many men suffer about the size of their penis. They explain a ‘survey’ undertaken that showed 67% of women are unsatisfied by a small penis.

They also make claims that you will have no problem growing an extra 5cm in length and 10% extra in thickness by the third of fourth month taking Sex Bom’b!!

As if that isn’t enough, they go on to say that you will gain 10cm length and 20% thickness by the 6th month!!!

So…you just have to pay €100 for 10cm extra length!!!

Could this be true?


VigRX Plus pillsSexe Bom’b is perhaps the most ambitious product with its claims that it can increase your size. 10cm is a ridiculous promise to make to customers but there are people who hope that it’s true and therefore buy into it.

Of course, after the payment details, they do explain that results are not guaranteed and can vary according to the user.

There are other supplements which we advise you to use instead.

We recommend products that have a massive reputation and realistic results that are effective. They also have details of the ingredients inside the supplement before you purchase it.

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What Is Sexe Bom’b?

This is a liquid supplement which claims to be able to give you longer, harder erections, and even add permanent length to your penis.

There are no details of the ingredients in the marketing material. We’d prefer just a few examples of the ingredients which are supposed to be able to achieve this miraculous change in your sex organ.

When you click through to the sales page there is some detail on the formula of ingredients.


There are a few ingredients in Sexe Bom’b which are listed briefly on the sales page at SantéPharm.

  • Guarana Seed extract: a natural form of caffeine that may increase blood flow and stimulation slightly.
  • Ginseng Root: has been observed to improve erectile dysfunction but with much higher doses than are present in Sexe Bom’b
  • Black Pepper: helps the absorption of other ingredients
Usage Guidelines: The sales page advises the user to out 5 drops of the liquid on their tongue, or mix the 5 drops with a hot or cold beverage.

Is There a Guarantee?

There is a refund period which lasts for 30 days, but it excludes shipping.

Customer Feedback

There are some testimonials published on the Sexe Bom’b product page, but they cannot be viewed as independent feedback


Sexe Bom’b is exclusively available in euros and is available to the French and european community.

There are 3 packages available which are:

  • 1 bottle for €29
  • 2 bottles for €39 and;
  • 3 bottles for €49

The company says you should use 6 months worth for best results (the 10 cm growth, remember!) which would cost you €100 in total.

For a more effective product which can be delivered worldwide, continue reading for our recommendations.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Vigrx Plus ReviewWe cannot recommend Sexe Bom’b. Of all the supplements we have reviewed, the claims they make are just too much for including a bit of caffeine, some ginseng and black pepper.

If anyone has added 4cm to their penis size from using any supplement like this then we would be amazed. But 10cm!!!

We have tested and reviewed products with much better ingredient formulas that have more realistic expectations of the results you might enjoy.

Our advice is to use logic and decide whether you believe a product could possibly perform miracles from a few drops on the tongue, OR…

…purchase something which will give you real results.

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