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ProSolution Male Potency Pills – Full Objective Review

prosolution packageProSolution is a capsule supplement which has been developed to enhance male virility and sexual function from both a physical and psychological perspective.

With perhaps the most comprehensive recipe on the market, the manufacturer: Leading Edge Health, seem to be making a statement to some of the smaller less respectable products that are available.

Also, we are testing the “New and Improved” formula. Let’s see how it does.


Pro Solution DoctorProSolution contains an extensive list of ingredients, some of which have been proven many times over in clinical trials.

A few of the inclusions are of a more exotic nature and have been used for centuries but various cultures as aphrodisiacs, virility and sexual stamina aids.

This blend works well to assist you in stimulating and maintaining an erection, as well as overall improvements in performance and time-to-ejaculation.

What sets it apart from much of the competition is the way in which it helps you overcome the psychological blocks associated with sexual dysfunction.

ProSolution completely outranks some of the other pathetic watered down products on the market.

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What Is ProSolution?

The product is a capsule supplement which contains both modern researched and centuries proven compounds, taken from natural sources and safe to use.

The ProSolution formula includes 12 ingredients which have been combined to improve:

  • Sexual Arousal
  • Erection Strength
  • Sexual Stamina and Performance
  • Sperm Volume and Power of Orgasms
  • Penis Size
  • Sexual Health

Next we have a brief summary of the 12 ingredients…


The formula consists of the following ingredients:

  1. Attractive GirlSolidilin: contains the pre-cursor to the pleasure transmitter Dopamine and may enhance sexual function
  2. Korean Ginseng: improves erection strength, arousal and performance in the bedroom. Has even been used to treat non-clinical impotence
  3. Butea Superba: aphrodisiac herb from Thailand which is used to improve libido, sexual energy and general function
  4. Momordica: increases testosterone levels along with decreasing fat, and combatting diabetes
  5. Apigenin and Amla: included for a blast of vitamin C and high absorption for overall sexual organ health
  6. Arjuna: helps regular blood pressure and heart rate to help with stamina and health
  7. Cordyceps: increases sexual arousal in men and may heighten testosterone production
  8. Zinc Oxide: increase testosterone levels and improves sperm quality and motility
  9. Reishi Mushroom: improves sexual stamina and energy
  10. Curculigo: a traditional aphrodisiac from India, sometimes called the natural Viagra
  11. Drilizen: stimulates vasodilation – or widening of the blood vessels – for greater blood flow and higher quality and stronger erections
  12. Bladderwrack: improves thyroid health and reduces bad cholesterol. Overall health and better metabolism is the foundation of sexual health

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes, there is a 67 Day Money Back Guarantee. This is what Leading Edge Health tend to give with their products.

It is done this way so that you can use 2 months worth of ProSolution and then take advantage of the guarantee if you really feel you want a refund.


The average person will have no problems with the formula. Anyone with a medical condition or who is taking medication/s should consult their doctor before taking this or any other supplement.

Customer Feedback

“It only took a few days for ProSolution to kick in and I noticed better erections and performance within a week. I thought it would take longer. I’m very happy!”
“There are sexual enhancement pills and then there is this. Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve been using the terrible products that are out there when pro solution has been there all along.”
“I have been using creams and oils for a while when I needed them but these pro solution pills let me forget about all that and just get into the moment when it happens. The wife couldn’t be happier.”

Purchasing ProSolution in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada

There are several packages available on the product website.

FREE Worldwide Shipping together with FREE boxes of ProSolution and other supplements are on offer depending on the package you select.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Prosolution The comprehensive formula inside each pill of ProSolution make it one of the contenders for the best Male Enhancement Pill on our website.
The addition of a long 67 day guarantee and some FREE extras in certain packages just sweeten the deal.

We find ProSolution to be very potent even within the first 30 days of use.

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