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Phedra Cut Lipo XT from USN – Our Review and Recommendations

Phedra Cut Lipo XTPhedra Cut Lipo XT is a fat burner marketed as a weight loss aid to bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts mostly, although there is nothing to suggest it isn’t suitable for most adults.

The product is designed around its 2-Phase system, which is essentially the (1) initial release of the CLA that makes up the outer shell, followed by (2) the inner ingredients approximately two hours later.

In basic terms, it’s a pill inside a pill.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is not overly powerful as a fat loss compound, in our experience (and when you study the science). The inner ingredients, while enclosed in an innovative capsule, are nothing we haven’t seen before.

The short conclusions is this: we like the design and most of the ingredients are okay, sure, but there are much more powerful products that compete in the same or lower price range.

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What Is Phedra Cut Lipo XT?

defined male bodyFirst of all, let’s address this “phedra” business. The word implies there is some kind if effect similar to ephedra involved here: – There may be stimulants in the capsule but that’s where the similarity ends.

Phedra Cut Lipo XT is pretty much the company’s attempt at making a product that is international-friendly. And by that we mean that none of the ingredients are controversial, or – more importantly – against any country’s customs and import regulations.

Therefore, it’s a ‘safe’ fat burner and can be shipped all over the world. That said, it does contain some proven ingredients, and excellent at that.

Phedra Cut Lipo XT is formulated to:

  • Reduce Fat Storage
  • Boost Energy and Focus 
  • Restore Blood Sugar Levels to Normal

Dosage is another matter altogether. And then there’s that 900mg of CLA which – in our opinion – is a little bit wasteful.

Alas, we digress. The point is, it’s a fat burner/weight management pill with a fancy design and some impressive trademarked ingredients in there.

Key Ingredients

Yes, this is the whole point of a supplement really. The ingredients and their inclusion weights are all that matters. The cool 2-phase time-release system is a nice touch and might help a few percent, but vast majority of the work is done by the formula.

The following ingredients represent a 2 capsule serving of Phedra Cut:

  • 900mg – Clarinol CLA
  • 200mg – Caffeine
  • 100mg – Phytofare (green tea with + bioavailability)
  • 50mg – TeaCrine (L-Theacrine)
  • 50mg – L-Theanine
  • 2.8mg – Vitamin B6
  • 80mcg – Chromium

How To Take: USN say to take 1 capsule twice a day OR 2 capsules together before breakfast or a workout. Also, they recommend you don’t take it after 4pm (due to the stimulants keeping you awake).

The formula has some great ingredients – L-Theanine is a fantastic amino acid in combination with stimulants because it reduces the jittery edge but enhances the focus aspect. It can also release positive alpha waves in the brain.

There just isn’t much of it in the blend.

The CLA is the first weapon against fat, and it just isn’t a powerful one! Our opinion, yes, but if you do the research, you’ll come to the same conclusions.

Side Effects and Other Issues

doctorThe formula is a fairly tame one, and for the average person there is no cause for concern.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women (if you happen to be reading this) should stay away from Phedra Cut.

Ask your doctor about it if you are taking prescription medication, or have a pre-existing medical condition.

If you are quite sensitive to stimulants then you might have a couple days of getting used to the feeling, and a few people will have some mild side effects.

The way to avoid this as much as possible is to take the single pill dose at two separate points in the day, rather than the 2 capsules at once.

Conclusions and Recommendations

supps caps
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We have no problem with most of the ingredients included in the formula, perhaps with the exception of 900mg of CLA which, in all honesty, is a space that could be filled with some other, better ingredients.

Also, the dosages of the ingredients that we do like are a little underwhelming.

The caffeine might give a caffeine-naive person a bit of a kick, and the L-Theanine might help a little.

For someone who hasn’t taken a fat burner, it might be a good introduction, but to people who are experienced with supplements and know a little more about it, they might want to look at other options.

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