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Performix Iridium SSTi – Review

performix iridium sstiIridium SSTi is a supplement manufactured in the US, by Performix, and marketed via the GNC online store.

Neither the manufacturer nor GNC provide a great deal of information about the product, but it has been developed especially for “elite athletes” and each capsule contains a blend of 17 ingredients that apparently work together to provide the mental toughness, clarity of mind, and physical domination needed to attain success.

Although only the briefest overview is provided, one of the things that make the product so special is the “TERRA” multi coating matrix that is used as part of the “multi-phase beadlet delivery system” that delays the delivery of some of the ingredients to provide multiple release points and help maximise the ingredient performance.

Promised benefits include:

  • Cognitive Priming
  • Ballistic Body Energy
  • Accelerated Fat Metabolism

What is Iridium SSTi and How Does it Work?

Iridium appears to be first and foremost a performance boosting supplement and the formulation contains enough stims that it should be more than capable of providing the promised energy boost, and will likely speed up the metabolism sufficiently to increase the speed at which calories are burned, and may trigger fat burning.

The formulation should also prove to be effective for blowing away any mental cobwebs and providing a clearer, more focused mind. All of these benefits are likely to be appreciated by anyone who is highly focused on getting the most out of their training and becoming the best that they can be.

Best Product In Class  – Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout where to buyIn the category of fat burners – and even the physique carving/muscle definition aspect – our favourite supplement is currently Instant Knockout.

Instant Knockout has all the red hot ingredients that are currently helping people burn fat, get ripped and enjoy an awesome sensory experience…all in one!

We don’t make light of our recommendations to you guys and this one comes with bells on it.

Take a look at our full review of Instant Knockout.

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Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Iridium is a unique product to evaluate because it contains a lot of ingredients and they are included in sophisticated proprietary blends. To make matters more intricate, the main proprietary blend consists of three more proprietary blends and some of the ingredients therein are proprietary blends as well.

The main blend is called the Performix Suspension Super Thermo Iridium Complex (1,151mg) and it provides the following:

TERRA Pod Ballistic Energy Thermo Beadlet: caffeine anhydrous, ashwagandha extract, synephrine HCI, coleus forskohlii extract, yohimbine HCI, Bioperine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine

TERRA Pod Ballistic Sensory Beadlet: TeaCrine, Cognizin, l-aplha glycerylphosphorylcholine, bacopa monnieri extract, Huperzine A extract

Diffusion Carrier Oil Matrix: medium chain triglycerides, safflower extract, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), rosemary extract [supplying carnosic acid, carnosol, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid]

nootropic mindMany of the ingredients in the first blend are stimulants. Coleus Forskohlii however is a bit of a jack of all trades. It can increase metabolism via an increase in cyclic adenosine monophosphate.

Bioperine is a patent-protected black pepper extract that has the ability to ensure other ingredients are absorbed as smoothly and completely as possible and, in theory, this blend alone should be able to support all of the claims made for the product (assuming sufficient inclusion rates).

The second blend is for providing the cognitive edge. TeaCrine, is a proprietary blend of theacrine that is designed to provide extra energy and improved focus.

TeaCrine is designed to provide stimulation without jitters or any of the other side effects stimulant usage often entails. It has also been developed to provide an energy boost that can apparently last for up to six hours.

The other four ingredients in the second blend are often added to nootropic supplements and have obviously been included here to provide athletes with the mental focus and clarity they will need to succeed in a competitive sporting world.

With a name like “Carrier Oil Matrix”, blend number three sounds like its role is supportive only, and more to do with the delivery mechanism than with actively supporting results. However, although medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are often used as carrier mechanisms, and can be digested quickly without the need for bile, some of the other ingredients have more to offer.

The results of some studies indicate safflower oil may help support weight loss, and CLA is often incorporated into weight loss blends. Despite its associations with food preparation, rosemary is also a versatile ingredient that is sometimes used as a memory booster and is believed to improve the mood and offer protection against stress.

How to Take Iridium: The standard dose is one (2 capsule) serving each morning, taken on an empty stomach. New users are advised to begin with just one capsule per day so they can monitor for tolerance issues before moving up to the full dosage.

Customer Feedback

No customer feedback was available at the time of this review.

Side Effects, Health Issues & Supplementary Information

The label warns against using Iridium SSTi alongside sources of caffeine or other stimulants. It is also unwise to consume alcohol during periods of supplementation and the capsules are not suitable for people who are under 18 years of age or for anyone who suffers from existing medical conditions or is taking medication.

Pregnant or nursing mothers should also refrain from using Iridium. Supplementation should be discontinued at least two weeks before surgery or if side effects become an issue.


Performix does not appear to offer a guarantee, but GNC does; so anyone who is unhappy with the product can contact GNC, within 30 days of their purchase, and request a refund.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Although Performix has an official web presence, at the time of this review the company appeared to be marketing its products exclusively via GNC and the GNC price per (60 capsule) pack was $119.99 for regular customers or $84.99 for GNC membership card holders.

Conclusion and Recommendation

We admire Performix products; they have taken the science and technology feel of their supplement line to a different and refreshing level.

If you are anything like us, then you will feel the product have some sort of effect. Actually it made some of us a bit dizzy on an empty stomach but we got used to it. The cognitive aspect is nice, and the thermogenic fat burning is present in a warming glow.

Instant Knockout fat burnerNonetheless, our current recommendation sticks with Instant Knockout as the formula and effectiveness the product comes with is unrivalled at the moment. It actually contains a similar recipe to Performix Iridium SSTi (when you strip back all the trademark names on the Iridium line) but we had a more successful cycle on Instant Knockout.

Fat burning and muscle definition products are becoming more and more involved with nootropic elements. It’s a good direction to go in!

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