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Niacin Supplementation for HGH, Muscle and Vitality – NiacinMax Quick Look

NiacinNiacin is most often the name used for both molecules of the Vitamin B3 compound: nicotinic acid and nicotinamide.

Nicotinic acid will be the subject of this article, as nicotinamide acts in slightly different ways.

Mostly, nicotinic acid is interchangeable with Niacin, as is the case here.

Firstly, none of this has anything to do with nicotine. The similarities in the names are mere coincidence.

Niacin – at it’s Recommended Daily Allowance – is Vitamin B3 and has many functions and is involved in metabolism and enzyme function.

In higher doses, it brings some different properties to the table and really opens up. This is supplemental Niacin, and here is what it can do for you.

Benefits of Supplementing Niacin

Niacin BenefitsMany people think the RDA of a Vitamin is the dosage you must not exceed, but in many cases, it may as well be called ‘the minimum dose you must take to avoid health problems’.

And sometimes even that doesn’t seem to quite cover it.

Take Vitamin D for example. The RDA is 400 to 800 IU per day. If people in northern latitudes (and not that northern, either) stuck to this, they would quickly discover they have insufficient Vitamin D, which can lead to no end of problems.

Now, the RDA for Niacin / Vit B3 is easily obtainable through a healthy and varied diet. And, in this case, it will be sufficient.

That said, for the following benefits, adding supplemental Niacin is necessary.:

  • Increased HGH Production
  • Improved Bloodflow – Oxygen and Nutrients to Muscles and Nervous System
  • Increased Muscle Growth and Recovery
  • Increased Fat Burning
  • Heightened Cognitive Function
  • Increased Energy

Vasodilation and Human Growth Hormone

These two properties are beneficial in more ways than one but the combination suits those people looking to put muscle on a lot.

Vasodilation is the widening of the blood vessels to the muscles, allowing for more oxygen and nutrients to get to them. This makes the muscles look ‘pumped’ in the gym and paves the way for long-term growth increase.

By the way, the Flush effect (reddened skin, perhaps a slight tingling feeling) which comes with niacin supplementation is completely normal, safe, and is indeed the physical evidence that the vasodilation effect is working properly.

Increased HGH levels are another boon to muscle growth, not to mention bone strength, energy output, fat burning, cognitive function, sexual function…the list goes on.

Muscle manGiven our remit here at AllMaleHealth, we concentrate primarily on Men’s health and fitness, however, the benefits above are equally applicable to women.

Also, you can probably sense a theme here that Niacin in higher doses is very much the active person’s supplement.

Bodybuilders, weight lifters, gym rats, sporty types and every athlete in-between will be interested to know that Niacin is a bona fide performance enhancing substance.

…and it’s legal. It’s a vitamin, after all.

There’s also the a huge group of men, who are knocking on the door to middle-age. They are the guys who might also enjoy the anti-ageing and re-vitalizing benefits of increased HGH levels.

Should I Just Take Lots of Vitamin B3 Tablets Then?

Before you start gobbling Vitamin B3 like cherries, there are some important points to cover first; dosage, form of supplementation, timing and safety, to name a few.


Many of the scientific studies involving Niacin collectively show that the benefits described above start kicking in at roughly 1 gram (1000 mg) daily dose.

This is in the order of 50 times the RDA, so you can see why the multi-vitamin in your cupboard might not cut the mustard.

New technology has allowed an innovative type of delivery system to be manufactured, which avoids the need for tablets and capsules.

These “Niacin Tongue Strips” melt on the tongue, so that the nutrient gets into the bloodstream direct.

This means that less niacin is actually needed in the product to have the desired effect.

It also means that by bypassing the stomach, you won’t lose a whole load of the benefits that may otherwise fall victim to stomach acids.


Continuing down the niacin strip path, they have yet more benefits. A major one is the speed at which they get into the system and start to take effect.

You can take it minutes before your gym session to avail of the vasodilation benefit.

Later, the HGH boost will kick in to increase the muscle growth response in the hours afterwards.

Oral tablets and capsules that are swallowed have a less predictable trigger point.


doctorThe only side effect for the average person will probably be the ‘niacin flush’ effect, which we mentioned earlier.

To re-iterate, it’s safe and is in fact a sign of the product working.

Pregnant and nursing women should NOT take doses higher than those recommended by their doctor.

Equally, people taking medication, especially heart/blood related medication, should avoid any and all training supplements of this strength. Talk to your doctor if you are unsure about your prescription and potential interference.

Finally, there is one form of niacin capsules (tablets) – called sustained release – which should be avoided. These can have negative effects on the liver. This is the case for any ‘sustained release’ product.

Conclusion and Recommendations

NiacinMaxWe are big fans of Niacin as a performance enhancer and as an anti-ageing vitality supplement.

Product choice was important for us though. The cutting-edge Liposome technology (the tongue strips) was too interesting to ignore and so we jumped right in.

…and we haven’t looked back. The product is perhaps the best available at the moment as they have developed an exceptional delivery system which gets to the blood stream almost instantly.

And the results have been increasingly excellent. Much better than any niacin tablets we ever used.

The product we went with is called NiacinMax. There are others available but we recommend them for several reasons:

Our Most Powerful Results so far have been with NiacinMax

The Company that makes it – Wolfson Berg – is one of the best and most known for quality products.

  1. They deliver Worldwide
  2. There is a 67 Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Their special offers are excellent value for money.
  4. The packaging is awesome – it can slip into your wallet

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