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Muscletronic Review – For Improved Mind and Body

muscletronic bottleRecently we got wind of a brand new capsule product which was going to enter the market just before the holidays so we sourced a few samples of the stuff and fired up the review engine.

This one is going to be big folks.

The product is called Muscletronic – a catchy name that gives you a clue as to what it’s about. But it seems muscle is only one of the areas Muscletronic is looking to target. The company’s mission statement reads:

muscletronic statement

It’s only when you continue reading that the formula and all the potential benefits become apparent. Generally, we look at the formula first and make our own opinions of what it might be able to do/not do.

Muscletronic’s formula looks like a Fat Burner which even promotes Muscle Growth, with a most interesting aspect being a Nootropic one for improved cognitive function and to help focus on your goals.

It’s not an easy task to accomplish, but if the ingredients are there then it might be a great find. We tested it for ourselves.

Benefits of Muscletronic

muscletronicTo sum up what we’ve already covered in the intro a little bit, the following benefits are the intended experience with Muscletronic.

  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Cognitive Function Enhancement
  • Testosterone Support
  • Growth Hormone Optimization

It really does look ambitious on paper, and a little easy to make these claims so here’s a brief description on how the formula is supposed to work, and then we’ll lay out the ingredients.

Groundbreaking Supplement

To summarize: Muscletronic makes the best of the limited room in capsules. This is a strong supplement which has all the potential of helping you in your quest for physical improvement.

The beauty of it is, you feel so much more positive while you undertake your day to day gruelling schedule.

Men, this is one for the hardcore and the beginner, the young man and the old.

Muscletronic is built for men and women, but for us, it’s All Male!!

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How Does Muscletronic Work?

Let’s break it down into the constituent benefits and have a look at them individually. We’ll start with ‘muscle’ as the product has it in the name!

Muscle Growth

coleus forskohliiFor capsule supplements like Muscletronic, there really isn’t a lot of raw material for muscle growth. By that we are referring to mass.

A protein powder, of which you might consume 30 to 40 grams (a large scoop) mixed with water after a good session in the gym, is the raw material.

Protein supplementation literally adds the proteins – chains of amino-acids – to your system.

Your body then disassembles these ‘chains’ and uses them to construct new muscle tissue. Now, given that a capsule can only contain maybe a 1 to 1.5 grams, you would have to take a bunch if they were only filled with protein. Luckily, manufacturers (at least these manufacturers) are not stupid.

So, in capsules they have to be more savvy. They use ingredients that trigger an anabolic (muscle growth) response from the body. This happens via the promotion of hormones and through enzymatic processes.

It can also happen by increasing the efficiency of nutrient partitioning, i.e. shuttling the nutrients in the food tat you eat to muscle rather than fat storage. In truth this is just more hormone triggering (e.g. increasing insulin sensitivity) but the difference is enough to be worth mentioning separately.

Muscletronic’s formula accomplishes this with ingredients such as Coleus Forskohlii, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Alpha-GPC*

Luckily for us users, these ingredients have other, wider reaching benefits which we’ll get into now.

*NOTE – these ingredients help users gain muscle mass through a more physiological process. The nootropic components help from a mental perspective by improving the mind-muscle connection, helping the user to channel more contraction force through their muscle during each repetition in the gym.

Fat Burning

SynephrineThe weight loss industry – and the supplements sold – are big business. Too often, however, companies try and get experimental. Only experimental isn’t good for our wallets if it doesn’t pan out.

Thermogenic (raising heat), insulin sensitivity, appetite suppression, and so on, are ways that small quantities of ingredients can come together to reduce fat. The ones included in Muscletronic are of the tried-and-tested variety and tend to have more than one function.

Coleus Forskohlii, Synephrine, ALA, Rhodiola Rosea*, L-Theanine*, Bioperine and Caffeine have all of those fat reducing properties between them, and even work synergistically with one another to exert better results.

Muscletronic is definitely a viable fat burner.

*NOTE – here’s where the blend uses the nootropic angle again. These compounds improve mood and help stave off cravings for junk food, and reduce binge eating.

Nootropic / Cognitive Development

Rhodiola roseaThis is the side of Muscletronic that we’d say sets it aside from the competition. It’s also the aspect we are most excited about because nootropic supplements are at the cutting edge of supplement science at the moment. Where some ingredients like fat burners and muscle-builders take a while to have an effect, nootropics can be almost immediately effective, for mood improvement, concentration, motivation, clarity of thought, information processing.

They also have longer term benefits like working memory enhancement, new neuron formation and improved brain health.

Muscletronic has a few bona fide nootropics: Rhodiola, L-Theanine and of course Alpha-GPC. They also work well together with other elements of the blend. L-Theanine and Caffeine are particularly good with each other as an example.

Ingredients in Muscletronic

The following table shows the ingredient breakdown of muscletronic:

INGREDIENT WEIGHT in 2 capsules (mg)
Vitamin B Complex 17.94
Alpha-GPC 75
R-ALA 300
Coleus Forskhohlii 250
Rhodiola Rosea SHR-5 150
Caffeine 150
L-Theanine 150
Citrus Aurantium 100
Piperine 6.66

Our Thoughts on the Formula

muscletronic brainHopefully, since reading the explanation of how Muscletronic works, the ingredient formula makes sense, as do the claims regarding the muscle-building, fat-burning and nootropic qualities it elicits.

We are impressed by the products strength and use of multi-functional and synergistic compounds.

At first glance the caffeine looks to be quite high, especially for people who are susceptible to the caffeine related side effects like jitters etc. However, when using the product for the first 5 days as directed (see usage guidelines on the label), you can ease into it anyway.

Also, the equally dosed L-Theanine’s effects are noticeable. The alpha-waves it releases smooth out the stimulant spike of caffeine and serve to heighten its benefits to concentration.

Together with the other ingredients, this is a well thought out product and one that we are experiencing results that are directly related to the combination of the formula.

What About Side Effects?

muscletronic manAs mentioned, there is a ‘bedding in’ phase with Muscletronic. This is just there so that everyone can get used to the ingredients before ramping up to the full dose. If we had anything to do with it, all supplements would have this on the label.

For the first 5 days, you basically take a half dose so the body can adjust.

We did not experience any other side effects associated with the use of Muscletronic. It seemed that taking it with food was preferable to taking it on an empty stomach for some of us. Not that big of a deal but sometimes the first thing in the morning you are hungry and taking any kind of pill without eating can feel a bit weird.

Anyone with concerns for their health, or that have a medical condition should consult a doctor before using any supplement. Also, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should avoid it.

Customer Comments

Here’s some comments we’d like to share on Muscletronic:

“I’m always looking to find a general purpose, all in one, whatever you want to call it, to go with the protein I use. Muscletronic is the ultimate stack. This and protein, that’s all I need until something even more impressive comes out!” – Mike

“I like nootropics and all the ‘sensation’ pre-workouts so this one is a winner for me as well. I’m impressed they can do so much in a pill.” – Kathy

“Muscletronic has like a major mind muscle sharpening thing going on. I get so aggressive on every deadlift it’s mad. Loving it.” – Carl F.

Is There a Guarantee?

Yes, there is a guarantee on the product. It is a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee as well!

We don’t imagine you’ll be needing to take advantage of the guarantee but you will feel better purchasing it with that sort of back up in case.

Just keep any packaging opened or unopened if you do by any chance need it.

Is Muscletronic Recommended?

After using the product for a few weeks, it’s definitely on our shopping list in future. We’ll be cycling Muscletronic for 3 to 4 week cycles and taking 2 weeks off in between to build the tolerance levels back.

It really is a quality piece of nutraceutical engineering.

Muscletronic is highly recommended

Purchasing and Shipping Muscletronic

muscletronic bottle 3Available from the official page (link below), Muscletronic can be purchased and delivered virtually anywhere on the planet. They ship to locations including the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada, and most others.

There are current special offers. The top one being 6 bottles for the price of 4 with FREE Worldwide Shipping!

You can pay in most currencies and the shipping times are reliable.

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