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Mind Lab Pro Review – Setting the Bar for Nootropics

MindLab Pro reviewMind Lab Pro is a nootropic supplement developed and manufactured by Opti-Nutra, a leading nutraceutical company based in London, United Kingdom. The company is known for releasing supplements of excellent quality and efficacy.

The product is a complete nootropic supplement, including 11 ingredients known for their cognitive function and brain health improving properties. Opti-Nutra have not included any stimulants like caffeine in their Mind Lab Pro blend. The ones they have put into the capsules can be considered ‘true’ nootropic ingredients.

Our best way to differentiate between a ‘true’ nootropic and those that include stimulants is to say the former offers lasting benefits to brain health, cognition, working memory, concentration, mood and sleep patterns, whereas stimulants give a short term boost, all too often followed by a crash. There are benefits to stimulants sometimes, but we’re pleased to see Mind Lab Pro has left them out.

We received an order of Mind Lab Pro, and started using it immediately.

Top Nootropic Product

relaxed and efficientWe found Mind Lab Pro has the best formula in the nootropic category.

Potent, effective and great value for money.

The sensory experience is excellent compared to others we have tried so far.

During testing, we felt the stress reduction right from the first day. It does NOT have a sedative effect like many prescription drugs, instead it improves your alertness and thinking speed, not to mention overall mood.

“Relaxed, efficient, in the zone” – that’s the perfect compound summary of the Mind Lab Pro experience.

Who doesn’t want some more of that in their busy life?

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Benefits of Mind Lab Pro

nootropic benefitsThe company puts it perhaps the best way. Mind Lab Pro is designed to help you become mentally sharper, smarter and gain and competitive edge in business, school, sports, work and life!

They also plug the aspect of their formula which should slow the process of age-related cognitive decline. So, while this product appeals to younger academics, scholars, professionals and everyone in between, it’s built for people at all stages in their life who want to get the most from their mind.

Benefits include:

  • Improved Short Term and Long Term Memory
  • Faster Working Memory and Problem Solving
  • Faster Information Processing and Learning
  • Reduced Stress Levels and Improved Cognitive Function during Stressful Periods
  • Improved Brain Health, Neuroprotection and Longevity
  • Slower Decline due to Age

How Does Mind Lab Pro Work?

The pills contain a blend of 11 ingredients which stimulate different cognitive pathways in the brain:

Cognizin (citicoline) [250 mg]: patented version of citicholine/CDP-choline. Increases neurotransmitter traffic (specifically acetylcholine). Enhances learning and working memory. Converts to uridine as well, stimulating nerve growth. It’s very powerful and effective in all age groups, from young to old.

Huperzine-A [200 mcg]: synergistic with acetylcholine boosters like Cognizin above. Hup-A inhibits actions of enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, called acetylcholinesterase. Keeps the neurotransmitter around for linger, improving overall cognitive function.

Phosphatidylserine [50 mg]: prevalent in the brain. Supplemental levels give optimum brain performance, particularly working memory and mental capacity (volume of information and tasks you can deal with at once).

Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Hericium Erinaceus) [500 mg]: aka yambushitake/monkey’s head, Lion’s Mane stimulates neurogenesis, i.e. the birth of new neurons. This wasn’t thought possible until relatively recently. More neurons/brain cells means more brain capacity.

Mind lab pro theanineL-Theanine [125 mg]: increases alpha waves in brain and acts like a neurotransmitter, meaning less stress, clearer thinking, better attention and information retention.

Rhodiola Rosea [50 mg]: reduces mental fatigue. It’s relaxing without causing drowsiness and helps you focus on the important tasks. Improves mood and mental capacity. When it’s time to bed time, it will be an improved sleep.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine [175 mg]: increases neurotransmitter activity, of the dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline variety. Particularly improves multi-tasking capability and working memory function.

bacopa monnieriBacopa monnieri [150 mg]: like many of the others, it’s from a herb. Improves working memory and learning capacity significantly and purges brain of free radicals and other toxins. Protects DNA from damage.

Pterostilbene [500 mcg]: super Resveratrol. Reduces anxiety levels and increases concentration. Has an antioxidant effect. Pterostilbene is very bioavailable compared to Resveratrol.

Vinpocetine [6 mg]: enhances short-term and long-term memory formation. Acts as a cerebral vasodilator, increasing blood flow, nutrient transport and of course oxygen to the brain, helping it and you perform at maximum capacity.

Vitamin B6 [2.5 mg]: very important to brain function, mental energy and neuroprotection. Supplemental levels are ideal for optimal brain health.

Our Thoughts on the Formula

mind lab pro rhodiolaMind Lab Pro contains the most complete formula we have found in any of the nootropic products we have researched and it’s clear when using it for even a few days that it’s very effective.

Notice, every ingredient is listed and there are no secretive proprietary blends. Opti-Nutra is confident in their formula, and for good reason!

The Rhodiola is probably the quickest ingredient to act, so stress reduction and clarity of thought come within a couple of hours of using it. The rest of the effect pour in over the following hours and days. There’s even a couple of these ingredients like Bacopa that get better and better for you over the weeks and months.

It’s a very impressive product!

What About Side Effects?

We have not experienced any negative effects from using Mind Lab Pro and we’ve heard no reports from other users saying so either. The usual precautions apply like any supplement: people using other medication or that have medical conditions should avoid supplements that the doctor hasn’t cleared.

Customer Comments

Here’s some feedback from male customers of Mind Lab Pro:

“I’ve used nootropic products before, and medication when I was young for attention problems. This Mind Lab stuff is really effective. I work in a busy office and I feel like I’m razor sharp and I don’t get foggy in the afternoon after lunch. Really appreciate these pills.” Dave, 35, London
“These smart pills are so good, nothing like what I was expecting. I thought I’d feel something but not the clear and relaxed mind I have now. It’s like someones cleaned out my brain or I got a brand new one or something. Super product, and I’ll be buying the bulk packs. Might even start hoarding it lol.” – Thomas, 31, Washington
“I took a gamble and bought the 3 for 4 pack. So pleased I did now; my concentration and sheer thinking speed is improving with each day. I used Alpha Brain before and Mind Lab Pro is a huge upgrade.”Nathan, 42, Sydney

These comments say it all really. We don’t need to add anything, other than we agree with these guys!

Is There a Guarantee?

There is a 30 day money back guarantee. Provided you keep all the packaging etc. you can even try Mind Lab Pro and still get a refund. You’ll probably just buy more though, if you are anything like us.

Is Mind Lab Pro Recommended?

After using the product and the feedback we have got from asking independent customers we have put Mind Lab Pro at the top of our nootropic supplement list.

It’s a product everyone can use, of all ages.

Mind Lab Pro is Highly Recommended!

Purchasing and Shipping Mind Lab Pro

mind lab pro 4 for 3This products is available from the product page, to which we have provided a link below.

That is the official place to get discounts and the guarantee.

Current offers include a Buy 3 get a 4th FREE deal. That comes with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!! – It’s true, we used this, it works!

Shipping is available to most places, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and more.

You can pay with PayPal, which is even better for faster, safe transactions.

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