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Marine Muscle – Anabolics – Cutters – Made in USA – Tested and Reviewed

Marine Muscle Legal Steroid AlternativesMarine Muscle is a brand of anabolic, strength and cutting supplements, which are manufactured and sold exclusively in the USA.

The products are collectively described as Premium, All-American, Hardcore, Legal alternatives to Steroids.

Basically, by researching and creating formulas using ingredients that are only allowed within the complex legal system of America, the company is able to make and sell these products.

As well as complying with US law, they are also formulated to be safe, and free of side effects. Anabolic steroids, meanwhile, cannot claim either of these benefits.

Marine Muscle doesn’t even require a prescription!

So, what are the products?… and what can they do for you?

They are the most important questions, and ones we hope to answer for you.

Marine Muscle Recommendations in a Flash

Marine Muscle Gunner PillsIf you only get ONE PRODUCT it has to be:


If you only get ONE STACK it has to be:

The BULKING Stack…(but hang on, read the next bit!!!)

If you want a GREAT DEAL you can get:

2 STACKS for the PRICE of 1

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Marine Muscle Product Categories

The company has categorized their product line into 3 main training goals:


Marine Muscle AmericanNow, anyone that is already into resistance training, powerlifting, bodybuilding etc. knows that these objectives are not necessarily exclusive from one another, but it gives you a good starting point.

Many people focus on one of these 3 aspects of physical conditioning through what is known as a cycle.

Cycles can last anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months, but the overall concept is fairly simple:

BULKING CYCLES are for gaining as much muscle mass as possible during the cycle. This usually includes putting weight in both muscle and adipose (fat) tissue.

CUTTING CYCLES are followed to reduce body fat while retaining as much muscle mass as possible. Cutting cycles invariable follow Bulking cycles.

STRENGTH CYCLES are a little more adaptable. Strength is generally built through resistance training in the core lifts with free weights: deadlift, squat, military (shoulder) press and bench press.

A professional will probably focus on strength and bulking during their off-season and then start cutting pre-competition.

Products and Stacks

Under each parent category of Bulking, Cutting and Strength, there are individual products and also stacks. Stacks are combinations of the individual products, generally a collection of several individuals from the same category.

Bulking Products

Marine Muscle Bulk
Marine Muscle – Bulking Stack

The Bulking category contains the following products:

  • Enduro
  • Trooper
  • Drill Master
  • Gunner

The Bulking Stack contains all 4 of the above products

Cutting Products

The cutting category includes the following:

  • Alpha
  • Winger
  • Sergeant
  • Colonel

The Cutting Stack contains all 4 of the above products

Strength Products

  • Enduro
  • Trooper
  • Drill Master
  • Devil Dog

The Strength Stack contains all 4 of the above products

As you can see, the Bulking and Strength products lines are pretty much the same except for the Devil Dog / Gunner switch.

Are There any Side Effects?

doctorYou might be wondering if these are like steroids in every way, including the negative effects.

Marine Muscle products do not cause unwanted side effects at the recommended dosages on the labels.

As with any product like this, there are certain people who should avoid them though. Pregnant and breastfeeding women (if any are reading!) and anyone with a medical condition or taking prescribed medication.

Are There any Legal Issues?

No. Provided they are being sent to an address in America.

The USA has different laws with respect to natural steroid like compounds and other ingredients within Marine Muscle products.

Strangely, other countries like the UK, Canada, Australia and most of Europe would not allow these products but instead will allow supplements like ephedrine, which is known to cause health problems.

Whatever the reasons other countries have, Marine Muscle products are legal in the USA.

Availability and Shipping

The only place you can get Marine Muscle is the official website. This ensures you are getting the genuine product.

Purchase and shipping is available in the US only.



Marine Muscle LogoWe found that the Bulking and Cutting stacks were the best for our purposes. Call us old fashioned but we enjoy the simplicity of a 12 week bulking cycle followed by 8 weeks of cutting.

Also the strength stack doesn’t differ enough from the bulking one to make it a big deal.

The 2 for the Price of 1 deal that is currently running on all the stacks made this a really good deal.

The beauty of the stacks is that they have been designed to complement one another at the same time as each individual product being synergistic with the next.

However if you are looking for just one or two of the individual bottles we can tell you that in our opinion the best ones are:

  1. Gunner – (bulking cat.)
  2. Colonel – (cutting)
  3. Trooper – (bulking)

Don’t think about it for too long though as we are not sure how long that Two for One deal is going to last. With the Free Shipping, they must be flying.

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