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Levitra (Vardenafil) – How It Works, Benefits and Side Effects

Levitra drugLevitra and Levitra Soft (a dissolving form) are trade names of the drug Vardenafil.

Vardenafil is a prescription medication for men who suffer from a specific type of Erectile Dysfunction or ED.

Levitra is similar to other brands such as Viagra (drug name is Sildenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) but there are minor differences in the chemistry between the drugs.

For purposes of comparison, Vardenafil and a Sildenafil are very similar, both chemically and in terms of their effective time.

Safer, Natural Male Enhancement Options

Prescription drugs like Levitra are not for everybody. They may interact with medication, or come with unpleasant side effects.

Your problem might be not just a simple case of physical blood flow.

Whatever your reasons, there are safer, natural supplement options which have a very powerful effect on both the physiological AND mental aspect of sexual performance.

Follow the link below for more information. Just make sure you check with your doctor to see if they are a suitable option for you.

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Why Might A Man Need Levitra?

erectile dysfunctionFor many men, ED has a physiological cause, which is basically a poor blood flow to two chambers of the penis that fill with blood.

Ordinarily these chambers fill with a regulated flow of blood resulting in a stable erection.

To be clear, the Mental Arousal and signal from the brain to the necessary receptors MUST be in working order for these drugs to have any effect.

One enzyme in the chain of reactions relaxes the muscle walls of the arteries to allow more blood flow. This is called cGMP.

Another, called PDE5 deactivates the cGMP at a constant rate so that the penis neither gets uncomfortable full of blood nor too soft.

Men who are getting older may not produce enough of the cGMP and therefore may suffer from ED.

Drugs like Levitra actually reduce the amount of PDE5 so that the levels of cGMP can rise and cause an erection.

What Are the Possible Side Effects?

doctorPDE5 inhibitors like Vardenafil often have similar side effects, the worst of which can lead to a heart attack, although it is rare.

This might happen because of the lowering of blood pressure. This is why these drugs can never be taken with other prescription medication, in particular heart medication.

Your Doctor will tell you whether Levitra is suitable for you.

Another rare side effect can be a long lasting and painful reaction, but again, your doctor should largely eliminate this possibility.

There are milder side effects such as: nausea, stomach pain, back pain, vision impairment, palpitations etc.

What If I Can’t Take Levitra, Viagra, Cialis or Staxyn?

Male ExtraThe most important point regarding Erectile Dysfunction drugs that work by inhibiting PDE5 is that you must already be mentally aroused for them to have an effect.

The mind plays an essential role in a man’s ability to become physically arouse and as such, these prescription medications are not the right path for everyone.

Furthermore, you might want to completely avoid the risks of the possible side effects that Levitra, Viagra, Cialis and Staxyn.

Another reason you can’t use these drugs may be due to other medications you are using.

There are alternative options available to you, and the ones that we recommend are available for purchase and do not require a prescription.

They are safe, natural alternatives, and you can follow the link below to read more.

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