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Instant Knockout – Fat Burner Review – is it an instant hit?

Instant Knockout where to buyFat burners don’t get much more manly than this one. For one thing, it comes in a bottle the shape of a fist. And then there’s the name: Instant Knockout.

The ladies can use it too, and there’s nothing to stop them from doing so, but most of the product’s customers are male.

So, what could possibly bring us to purchase a fist-shaped bottle full of little red pills?

Well, we did just that so we could test and review it. And from that, we can tell you whether we think it was worth it, so you can decide whether you agree, or not. Simple.

Instant Knockout websiteInstant Knockout has been developed by Roar Ambition, a privately owned company set up by people that are actually supplement users and actually understand that formulation is the key to an effective product.

The product ships to all countries and has the option to purchase in multiple currencies – the guarantee is also 90 days, thats three months!!! which is incredibly long for the supplement industry.

I have reviewed countless fat burners over several years on many websites and have not yet found one that can compete with Instant Knockout.

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Instant Knockout Review

Instant Knockout (or IKO) is a fat burner first and foremost, with some additional fat loss effects on top. These effects occur due to the combination of ingredients in each capsule.

The company says this formula is one used originally by MMA fighters and boxers so that they can quickly get down to their competition class weight. And now it has been marketed for the public to buy.

Two professional MMA fighters (Diego Sanchez and John Dodson) even go so far as endorsing the product via video on the IKO site.

How Instant Knockout Works

When assessing the ingredients used, IKO has a wide array of fat loss effects:

  1. Thermogenic Fat-Burning: raises your core temperature so you spend energy cooling yourself down. This burns fat as fuel.
  2. Appetite Suppression: makes you feel physically full by soaking up water you take the tablets with (2 big glasses) and stops you snacking on junk.
  3. Mental/Cognitive boost: if you’re in a better mood, you won’t seek the comfort of bad food so much. Also, the focus and drive increase will help in the gym and at work
  4. Carb blocking: stops some carbohydrates being converted to sugar and then fat.
  5. Metabolism support: comes from inclusion of selected Vitamins and helps optimize your usage of fatty acids.
  6. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels: which helps insulin partition sugars and other nutrients better, thereby reducing storage as fat.

That’s pretty extensive work in our opinion, and amongst us here at AllMaleHealth, we’ve used a good many weight loss products and even more bodybuilding supplements, and rarely do they work with such an orchestra of instruments.

Instant Knockout Testimonials

There are many testimonials, positive feedback and success stories from everyday people – perhaps the most noteworthy are Diego Sanchez and John Dodson

Instant Knockout pro athletes

Ingredients of Instant Knockout

There is a main suite of fat burning/weight loss ingredients and a support suite of Vitamin/Mineral inclusions:

Direct Fat Loss Ingredients

  • Green Tea Extract (500mg): Thermogenic and antioxidant in behaviour, GTE reduces fat in both ways.
  • Green Coffee Extract (100mg): Chlorogenic acid in these raw coffee extracts can block carbs from being converted to fat and may also prevent fat cells forming. Exact mechanisms are unknown but there are even more fat loss effects of green coffee that scientists haven’t nailed down yet.
  • Glucomannan (1800mg): A natural fibre from the Konjac plant root; this absorbs two glasses of water and makes a comfortable mass in your stomach which limits your cravings. One of the most successful fat loss inclusions in the world.
  • Cayenne Powder (100mg): Another thermogenic fat-burner that can also activate Brown Adipose Tissue – your body’s super fat burning tissue. It’s no joke either, researchers are excited about its results on human trials.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg): The most researched and proven fat burner of all time. Yes, it’s an oldie, but it’s very reliable, and it comes in a good dose in IKO. Caffeine helps with your alertness and can improve exercise performance too.
  • Black Pepper (10mg): Almost an overlooked ingredient, but when you think about what it does, i.e. increase the absorption and bio-availability of all the other ingredients, it’s pretty excellent. And all squeezed into 10mg


Vitamin and Mineral Ingredients (supporting fat loss)

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Zinc
  • GTF Chromium

The above all play roles in fat metabolism, blood sugar maintenance, testosterone production and general health. The list of benefits is in the hundreds so don’t ask us to list them all!

What Are The Possible Side Effects

The average user will be just fine from our experience with IKO. The odd person with caffeine sensitivity may have a few caffeine related side effects: a bit of jitteriness, mild nausea.

The best thing to do is increase the dose to the recommended dosage on the packaging by small increments. The max is 4 pills a day, so start with 2 or even 1, and you shouldn’t have an issue.

Follow the usage guidelines and enjoy the results.


There’s a 90 day money back guarantee in place. If you really want your money back after 90 days of using this then you can get a refund, but honestly, you’ll probably be buying more for your next cycle!

Bottom Line

We absolutely recommend IKO, if you’re beginning your weight loss journey or you are a seasoned health and fitness junkie looking for a new exciting product.

Instant Knockout is Highly Recommended

Where To Buy Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout where to buyInstant Knockout can be delivered to anywhere in the world (virtually). The United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, European countries…you name it.

Depending on the special offer package you purchase, you may also get FREE delivery, which we really appreciate with our bulk orders.

The most obvious is of course the 4 for 3 deal with FREE T-Shirt and FREE Worldwide Shipping. If you’re going to get the most out of a fat-burner cycle, you may as well get the full 4 months (4 bottles) in our opinion.

That works out to less than £28 ($46 US) per bottle.

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Quick Q&A

Q: What makes this different to other products in its category?
A: IKO has many different levels, including thermogenesis (fat-burning), appetite suppression, carb blocking, energy boost and mental lift. Most other products have one or two of those aspects only. IKO also has a huge active ingredient weight in the capsules compared to most competitors.

Q: What kind of results can I expect?
A: Judging by our results, you can be looking at 2 to 3 pounds of weight loss per week. Fat mainly, as IKO helps retain muscle mass. Of course, a balanced diet and regular exercise are a must to achieve that sort of success rate.

Q: What sort of negative side effects should I expect?
A: We experienced no side effects over the course of 8 weeks, and continue not to. Some caffeine sensitive individuals might get a few related adaptation effects but it shouldn’t last more than a few days and it won’t be serious.

Q: Does the product do anything besides burn fat?
A: You can get a really clean, sustained increase in energy using IKO. Also, your concentration, drive and mood may improve.

Q: How long should I use it for?
A: You can use IKO for 12 to 16 weeks straight, as long as you follow the daily dosage instructions. After that it’s best to take 2 to 3 weeks off to reset caffeine resistance and so on before starting another cycle.

Q: What if I want my money back?
A: The manufacturers give you a 90 day money back guarantee with each purchase. You can even try it for 90 days and if you don’t see the results you wanted, you can get a refund. Keep all the packaging though, you’ll have to send it back.

Q: Is it Recommended?
A: Without a doubt. It’s an easy one to recommend. We got good results from Instant Knockout. We know many many people who have had similar or even better experiences. So, yeah, it’s well worth it.

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