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Highest Rated HGH Boosters

muscletronicThe Human Growth Hormone is at the core of our development, both physically and mentally. It’s strange then, when you think about it, that it starts to lose its power as soon as you have reached your full adult height.

When adolescents seem to grow a few inches taller overnight, it isn’t a million miles away from being reality, albeit an exaggeration your mind rubs on the image.

The biggest growth spurt we experience is in our teens. And it’s all downhill from there.

It seems, the growth hormone – Human Growth Hormone, or just HGH – has a job to do and then it takes a back seat.

There are however some important and beneficial functions that optimal levels of HGH would give us if they lasted into our mature adulthood. They are the benefits we are only to busy ignoring when we are growing up, because we think we’re immortal, or we’re just too ‘teenager’ to care:

  • Increased Muscle Growth
  • Decreased Fat Storage
  • Peak Learning Ability
  • Boundless Energy Levels
  • Positive Mood and Feelings of Vitality
  • Youthful Skin Tone

So, is it good to have lots of growth hormone surging around your body? Not always. That’s why it’s best to stay clear of (exogenous) synthetic HGH injections.

Is it good to have optimal levels of natural endogenous growth hormone? Many clinical studies suggest it is.

What are the best supplements for the job?

The following are the products we have found that help the body produce a healthy level of growth hormone, and provide deeper, additional benefits to the user’s physique and mind.

Prime Male

Prime Male Testosterone BoosterPrimarily a testosterone booster, we have decided to position Prime Male has the top product in this category as well. It hold up against any HGH booster while also delivering the best Testosterone boosting formula in the business.

The combination of ingredients is such that we have to recommend Prime Male as the top male performance and anabolic / sex hormone support supplement available.

Prime Male is not only effective on men who have a low testosterone count but it is one of rare products that can increase free testosterone levels and HGH production in athletes. Resistance training has a unique effect on testosterone levels, especially in people who engage in highly intense sessions.

Together with the special offers and worldwide shipping that are currently available with Prime Male, it’s the complete package.

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Muscletronic iGPC+

MT-couple-gym2We can (and have) put Muscletronic into most of the categories on this website. Muscle growth, fat burning, cognitive development, growth hormone and testosterone support – it does it all…and it does it well.

The one-for-all supplements are usually a non-starter as far as we are concerned, and it comes down to the basic problem of dilution. How can you fit all these different ingredients which do all of these different things into little capsules?

Easy, or so say the manufacturers of Muscletronic. They seem to have seen it as a challenge, and went to work.

Their message appears to be this: manufacturers of supplements aren’t always that knowledgable about the formulation they come up with. Yes, there’s scientific, clinical approaches out there, but much of the industry is marred by profit hungry companies that under-dose and over-price! So the ones that know what they are doing still fail to do it right.

Proper combination of both synergistic and multi-functional ingredients is the Muscletronic vision, and this product is the result.

No dilution problem because the components of the blend individually do more than one or two things each, and then boost the other components’ power at the same time.

Done! – we bought in and never looked back!

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