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Highest Rated Fat Burners and Weight Loss Products

best fat burners UKBelow you will find the absolute best fat loss products we have found to date.

They are in no particular order, and each one has some factor that makes it stand out.

Match this factor with your main requirement and you will be happy with the result.

They are suitable for both men and women (in case any ladies stumbled upon our site), and they can be delivered all over the world, including Australia, Europe, UK and Ireland, USA and Canada.

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout bottleFor people who want all fat reduction methods in one – Thermogenic fat-burning, appetite suppression, energy boost, carb blocking and nootropic!

Instant Knockout brings potent fat-burning, powerful appetite suppression and a sustained energy boost all in one supplement. It’s one of our all time favourites, and has an excellent user base, some of whom are professional athletes.

The worlds of Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing are not easy to be successful in. Just to make the weight class requires a level of dedication beyond the average person’s scope. When these men and women need to shed weight fast and hang on to their battle won muscle mass, the use Instant Knockout to help them get there.

Sometimes you simply need all of the tools at your disposal, and IKO brings them in spades. We use it as our go-to fat weight loss supplement and it’s very very effective. Shipping is available worldwide, and is FREE subject to your location.

Few products can rival Instant Knockout as far as we are concerned, but those that can are included in this list. Follow the links below to either visit the IKO website and browse special offers OR read our comprehensive review.

Favourite Comment on IKO:

“When I first saw the bottle in the shape of a fist, I thought ‘meh’. Then I used it for a week and realized it’s cos you get the fat punched out of you!”

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Clenbutrol BottleFor people who want a full on thermogenic fat-burner and nothing else.

Mightily close to the name of the most powerful sympathomimetic amine – and weight loss drug – Clenbuterol (can you spot the difference?), this ‘Clen’ is an all-out fat shredder. It’s not trying to be an appetite suppressor, or a carb blocker, it’s a frackin’ fat burner…and a good one at that.

The main ingredient is a relative of ephedrine, but much more stable and comes without the negative side effects. A nice secondary effect will be a boost in energy – both physical and mental – but you buy this bad boy for the calorie burn, plain and simple.

So, if you don’t want, or need, the craving reduction and so on, then get a few bottles of this stuff. Or just one, whatever you think is best.

The company that manufactures it has a bunch of other supplements for building muscle, burning fat and gaining strength. Luckily they also have an Every-3rd-Item-Free deal at the minute, so fill your boots!

Favourite Comment on Clenbutrol:

“This is just Clen without all the BS. Loving the results.”

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Phentaslim fat burner For people who want a great fat-burner with a mood and cognitive lifting edge and craving suppression.

The Phentaslim name is as old as the hills, but the recipe stays as current as anything else out there. It’s another mega blend of ingredients with powerful inclusion rates.

If we had to give a reason why you might choose this one over the others then we’d talk about the cognitive boost you get from it with some appetite suppression to boot. It’s packed with double-purpose ingredients, so while you get a really good thermogenic fat burning effect, your mind will be as sharp as the kitchen knives, and no joke.

It will keep you motivated and dialled in at the gym, and you might just end up playing chess on your rest days!!!

Favourite Comment on Phentaslim:

“Train, eat, sleep, Phentaslim. That’s all you need.”

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ThermaKOR fat burnerFor people who want the most comprehensive fat loss recipe with a bonus testosterone kick.

ThermaKOR is the closest thing to a perfectly formulated fat-burner that we’ve seen. It has an awesome recipe, and one that some of the big supplement names are jealous to see. They must be wondering how KOR Nutrition have created such a masterpiece for an average price.

It’s a clever fat-burning formula, yes, but it’s also a solid all-rounder. What makes it stand out? – possibly the Forslean in our opinion, because this weight loss formula can help boost you testosterone as well, which will lead to further fat loss, and lean muscle gain.

Favourite Comment on ThermaKOR:

“ThermaKOR is the best thing I’ve invested in for my body since my gym membership.”

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