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Herculex Erection Gel

herculex creamHerculex is a gel, made to be applied to the penis to stimulate an erection. According to the company it creates ‘a massive erection in no time.’

They also say that users will be able to apply the gel again after orgasm and stimulate another erection ‘almost immediately’.

The formula is the same as others which have been sold on the same umbrella website; SantéPharm.

Women can even use Herculex in case both you are your partner are in need of some encouragement in the area of arousal.


VigRX oil packageThis is the same basic formula as XXXPower and other gels or creams which are sold by the same online retailer. Each product simply gets its own website though which to be promoted.

Herculex contains a few ingredients which have shown some promise of assisting the stimulation of an erection.

However, there are better products available which have more effective and longer lasting benefits.

VigRx Oil is the product we highly recommend in this category. It is available worldwide, including to France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

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What is Herculex?

Herculex is a gel which is applied to the penis prior to sexual intercourse. It has been formulated to stimulate a long lasting erection.

The direct application to the skin is to ensure the immediate absorption of the ingredients so there is no time to wait before it takes effect.

The company also states that the user can apply Herculex to the woman’s clitoris to enhance the pleasure she experiences.


The main ingredients in the Herculex gel are Ginkgo biloba and Saw Palmetto.

There is some evidence to support these ingredients’ effects but there have not been many human studies.

Usage Guidelines: The gel should be used as directed on the bottle. Before each sexual encounter it is to be applied generously to the penis, leaving no part uncovered.

Is There a Guarantee?

There is a 30 day money back guarantee which applies if you are not satisfied with the product.

The company says that if you have not experienced the promised results, then you can return the packaging and get your money back.

The 30 days starts from the date of purchase.

Customer Feedback

The only customer comments we could find were those on the Herculex website itself. We could not find any independent feedback.

Purchasing Herculex

The product is available from the SantéPharm website and is offered in euros.

For European residents, there is 4 packages available, ranging from €39 to €99 for 1 to 6 tubes of Herculex respectively.

Conclusion and Recommendations

vigrx productHerculex may work on some level, especially for people who find it particularly difficult to become sexually aroused. However it is far from being the best gel formula.

We recommend VigRx Oil for best results. It is easily the best formula which can be applied to the skin.

VigRx is a very well made product, with a 60 Day Guarantee, and is available to be delivered anywhere in the world, including France, Belgium, Switzerland and the rest of Europe. It can also be delivered to Canada and the US.

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