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Happy Endings for Him – Product Review

Happy Endings for Him productHappy Endings for Him is a herbal supplement designed to boost male sexual performance and allow lovers to “experience the long lasting happy endings” they dream about.

The promised benefits are:

  • Increases sexual arousal
  • Greatly Improves Stamina
  • Strongly Intensifies Erections

Happy Endings appears to be produced somewhere in the Czech Republic by Brain Pharma. The company also markets a feel-good formulation called Happy Pills, but it is hard to find out anything about Brain Pharma, and online stores that stock their products often run out of stock or just drop the items entirely.

VigRX Plus – For Even Happier Endings!!!

VigRX Plus pillsHappy Endings for Him has a quirky thing going on, but the top supplement on the market that will get you real results is VigRX Plus.

The recipe of VigRX makes no compromises. It’s a collection of the best ingredients in the natural world, all included for their awesome effects on male sexual performance and experience.

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How the Formulation Works

None of the sales pages that are still available online provide an insight into how the formulation is supposed to achieve the alleged results. Many competing products are designed to increase blood flow to the penis to enable it to become fatter and harder when it reaches its erect state.

It is probable Happy Endings has been developed to work in the same way, but such speculation is haphazard at best and the Happy Endings formulation contains ingredients that are not normally found in products of this nature.

Key Ingredients

Each Happy Endings capsule provides 738.4mg of a proprietary blend.

  • L-Arginine HCI: An amino acid with the ability to boost nitrogen levels. When this happens the blood vessels become slightly wider, thereby improving the circulation.
  • Korean Red Ginseng: An Asian adaptogenic herb that provides numerous health benefits. Although its abilities require further study, ginseng is acclaimed the world over for its aphrodisiacal abilities.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: An unusual inclusion for a blend of this nature, but caffeine can provide powerful stimulation so it may have been included to provide extra energy.
  • Lycium Fruit: Often called goji berries, lyceum’s libido enhancing and testosterone boosting abilities are well known and the fruit can also be useful for increasing levels of stamina.
  • Suma Root: Sometimes called Brazilian ginseng, suma root is often used in testosterone boosting formulations.
  • Niacin: Provides a tingling rush that may make the penis more sensitive to touch.
  • Mucuna Pruriens: A species of legume native to Africa. Scientific study shows it can boost the libido of rats and provide an improved sperm count, but whether or not it is similarly beneficial for humans is harder to say.
  • Piperine: The flavonoid that provides black pepper with its fiery flavour. Piperine is used in all manner of supplements because it smooths the absorption of other ingredients.
  • Protease: An enzyme that aids the digestion of protein. The benefits offered here are unclear, but protease may have been added to help the body to obtain maximum benefits from food.
  • Vinpocetine: An alkaloid sourced from the seeds of the periwinkle. It appears to have the ability improve blood flow, and can also be useful for increasing levels of mental alertness.
  • Vitamin B12: Like most other B vitamins, B12 supports healthy metabolic function, so it can be useful for providing extra energy. Some studies suggest it may also improve the sperm count and boost testosterone levels.

Although the blend contains a number of good ingredients, the lack of inclusion rates renders it impossible to say if enough of the better ones are included. If the amounts included are insufficient results may not be forthcoming.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Brain Pharma does not appear to have an official website and, although Happy Endings can occasionally be found in some online stores, it may be hard for UK buyers to find a supplier.

At the time of this review we could only find one online store still selling the product—Century Health Nutrition. The price tag for a (30 capsule) bottle was $36.69 (£24) plus postage and packaging costs. Modest discounts were available for customers ordering multiple bottles.

There does not appear to be a manufacturer’s guarantee, but some suppliers may have their own guarantee in place.

How to Take Happy Endings: There appears to be some confusion over the correct dosage. The sales page at Century Health Nutrition states only one capsule is required per day, but then states best results are obtainable by taking one to two capsules one hour prior to sexual activity.

Other sites that carry information about the product, but no longer have it in stock, state capsules do not need to be taken every day and that just one capsule should be consumed one to two hours before sex.

Customer Feedback

Happy Endings appears to have been available via at some time in the past, but no customer reviews were available when we did our usual checks. Extensive online searches failed to discover any reviews anywhere else on the net.

Side Effects, Health Issues

A few sites that carry information about the product state its use does not entail side effects, but it usually a wise precaution to check with a GP before using any form of dietary supplement. People who are suffering from exiting medical conditions or taking medication(s) need to be particularly cautious.

Product Recommendations

Vigrx Plus ReviewDespite having an interesting recipe, Happy Endings is a bit of an enigma in that there really is nowhere to go and find out more information about it.

Purchasing the product from some third party site or Amazon just feels like you’re throwing your money into the unknown.

For us, easily the best supplement in this category is VigRX Plus. There is full disclosure on the recipe with VigRX, and you are buying from a reputable company, who give you a money back guarantee. And…it’s available worldwide.

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