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GH Advanced Plus Review – Anabolic HGH Supplement

GHA+GH Advanced Plus is a growth hormone booster and anabolic muscle supplement. With a specific formula for both Day and Night dosages it immediately sets itself apart from the competition.

Far from being a worthless novelty, this system is intended to take advantage of your circadian rhythm and natural release of Human Growth Hormone.

The largest endogenous – or natural – release of HGH within your body is during the night when you are asleep. (In fact, it happens whenever you are asleep, so a nap after a workout is one of the best things for muscle growth, even if it isn’t always the most practical).

Some guys have lower HGH levels than others, and some just want to boost theirs even more to get better and better muscle mass growth from working out. GH Advanced Plus is intended for anyone that fits into these categories, and anybody who wants to avail of the benefits of increased natural growth hormone levels.


We can no longer recommend GH Advanced Plus due to ongoing supply issues, which is now indicative of ceased manufacture.

After considering this for a long time, we think Prime Male is the best alternative. In fact, it is a better product than GH Advanced, even though it is primarily a testosterone booster. Prime Male has the best formula currently for male enhancement, with respect to a true free testosterone boost, an HGH boost and libido enhancement. We can’t think of anything more suitable for the health conscious, not to mention strength and muscle building man.

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GH Advanced Plus – What Does It Do?

Pituitary gland
The Pituitary Gland

Your pituitary gland, regulated by your hypothalamus in your brain, releases and controls the amount of growth hormone in your body. Simply put, Human Growth Hormone is responsible for a large role in muscle hypertrophy (growth) and bone strength/growth. For someone interested in building bigger muscles, it’s one of the most important hormones in the human endocrine system.

It’s role doesn’t stop there though; HGH has its fingers in many pies. From fat burning to sexual appetite, and a emotional positivity somewhere in the mix, there aren’t many things growth hormone stays isn’t involved with. When a man’s quantity is on the decline, there are many benefits to getting them back up. Similarly, if a guy needs more out of his body than he can muster from his workouts, diet and other supplementation, this may be where to concentrate.

GH Advanced Plus is a 24 hour blend of rare, natural ingredients, chosen for their ability to improve the pituitary gland function and optimize endogenous (body’s own production) HGH levels.

The company is fairly adamant about there being a completely natural formula within GHA+, and that the benefits are numerous.

Benefits of GH Advanced Plus

From the blend of ingredients, coupled with what we know of the product from experience, the benefits are as follows:

  • Increased Muscle Mass – particularly in response to resistance/weight training
  • Increased Strength
  • Decreased Fat Mass
  • Improved Mood
  • Improved Libido
  • Improved Sleep Quality

One of the most important differences between this HGH booster and the hormone itself is that GHA+ has ingredients to Increase Muscle Size and Strength, not just size. Even HGH injections can’t give you added strength!

Day and Night Formula

GHA+ Day NightYou might be wondering what the purpose of a separate Day and Night capsule is. There are two main reasons:

1) Splitting the dosage between 2 pills allows for ingredients to be included in the same overall supplement, which would normally compete for the same receptor cells in your body.

This is why other brands can’t do this. If they have a single pill system then they cannot include competing ingredients. By separating them into Day and Night they are taken far enough apart that they don’t interfere with one another.

2) The Night pill, taken just before you go to bed, really takes advantage of the hours you are asleep. This is the time when your body releases most of its HGH, so to stimulate more is even better. You grow muscle when you are asleep, why not grow bonus muscle!


There’s a lot of them.

Day Pill Ingredients Night Pill Ingredients
Alpha GPC L-Ornithine
Colostrum L-Arginine
L-Lysine Niacin
L-Glysine 5-HTP
L-Glutamine Vitamin B12
GTF Chromium Vitamin B6
Vitamin D3 Bioperine
This formula contains all the top growth hormone boosting supplements in one. Alpha GPC will even act as a performance enhancer as well, enhancing your neurotransmitter activity during a workout and increasing your power, drive and motivation.

Customer Comments

“GH Advanced is a great mass builder. I don’t care if it’s a growth hormone thing or not, it helps me get more muscle and that’s what I want. Taken along with my usual protein shake and diet, I couldn’t ask for more.” – Carl, UK

“I cycle this for 16 weeks and take a couple off. The sleep is amazing and I honestly wake up feeling like I’m fully recovered and ready to go again. I could work out every day on this.” – Steve, Australia

“The day and evening pills thing is so simple but it’s genius. This is the only pill supplement I take, and it’s the only one I need. Fat burning and muscle building. Forget all the other c**p out there and get this.” – Clarke, Ireland

Purchasing and Shipping

Buying the 3 months package or more will get you FREE SHIPPING no matter where you live in the world.

There is also a HUGE 180 Day MoneyBack Guarantee. You can even use the product and send it back if you aren’t happy with it, not that you’ll need to in our opinion.

With that kind of backup and the customer support, we don’t mind going for the 3 or even 6 month packages. You get so much more for your money doing it that way, and you get huge bodybuilding cycles out of that many bottles.

Follow the link at the bottom of the page to view current special offers on the official website.

Do We Recommend GH Advanced Plus?


We have to agree with the comments above from other customers. This is a fantastic product and one which we will order again and again for personal use and not just for review.

The difference in quality of sleep followed by the rejuvenation the next day alone is enough for us, but the incremental differences it stimulates with respect to average weekly fat loss and muscle gain is excellent.

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