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Evlution Nutrition – BCAA Energy – What Makes This One Different?

BCAA Energy TubBCAA Energy from Evlution Nutrition (EVL) is a workout supplement in the form of a powdered drink mix, like most of the pre-workout supplements you are likely to see today.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) have been popular for a long time in bodybuilding, gym and sports environments because of their scientifically proven benefit and their versatility as an energy, endurance, recovery and muscle growth supplement all in one.

This particular product also combines some caffeine with the main amino acid blend to add more energy boosting potential to the formula.

We’re definitely fans of the tried and tested BCAA ratio, and BCAA Energy appears to have the desired effect, albeit on a lesser scale than some products we use.

Overall, however, it is a good, simple energy and recovery drink with a good amount of flavours to choose from.

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What Is Evlution BCAA Energy?

Man Drinking ShakeIf you haven’t looked into supplements much in the past then we’ll catch you up quickly on BCAAs.

These Branched Chain Amino Acids are a special group of amino acids that are structurally different, allowing them to be utilized as an immediate fuel source directly within muscle tissue. Excellent for fast energy when you work out.

They are called Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, and of the 3 of them, Leucine is the most important. It can stimulate muscle growth. The other 2 can help in fat metabolism and fatigure reduction.

Most supplement companies include leucine, isoleucine and valine at a 2:1:1 ratio respectively, and this still appears to be the most effective for all the benefits BCAAs can exert.

Evlution Nutrition’s product – BCAA Energy – also contains some caffeine and other amino acids to fill out the energy, focus and cognitive function aspect of the supplement.

BCAAs are the main and most effective inclusions here though. They are multi-taskers too, given that they can be used as a direct fuel source in the muscle, a trigger for muscle growth and an excellent recovery buffer to prevent post-exercise catabolic muscle loss.

Key Promoted Benefits

Evlution Nutrition highlight the following positive effects and aspects of the BCAA Energy formula:

  • “Super Premium” BCAAs at 5 grams per serving
  • Contains Natural Energizers
  • Formula is Transparent (i.e. label shows inclusion rates of all ingredients)
  • Great Taste and Mixes Well (“best in class” according to EVL)
  • Perfect to Increase or Improve Energy, Endurance, Recovery and Repair of Muscle
  • Contains NO Sugar or Carbohydrates

In general, this category of supplement can be viewed as an all-round workout drink mix, providing much of what is needed to extend a gym session or keep you going through your normal routines around that schedule.

They are good alternatives for people who don’t want a separate pre-workout and intra-workout supplement and also works post-workout in addition to a quality protein shake.


So what’s in the BCAA Energy formula to make it “best in class” and so on?

The below ingredients and inclusion quantities are what is in 2 scoops:

  1. 90mg – Vitamin C
  2. 10mg – Vitamin B6

2:1:1 BCAA Matrix

  1. 2500mg – L-Leucine
  2. 1250mg – L-Isoleucine
  3. 1250mg – L-Valine
  4. 500mg – Beta Alanine (CarnoSyn)
  5. 500mg – L-Alanine
  6. 500mg – Taurine
  7. 110mg – Natural Energizers (natural Caffeine from coffee bean and Green Tea Extract)

As you can see the BCAAs are included at their usual 2:1:1 ratio.

Beta Alanine is associated with higher carnitine levels in blood. When taken before a workout, it can increase your muscle endurance during a weights set, allowing you to push out a couple more reps.

EVLUTION say that you can take a maximum of 6 scoops (3 servings) in a day. They break it down like this:

  • 2 servings (4 scoops): Anytime Energy and BCAAs
  • 2 servings (4 scoops): Medium Energy and BCAAs
  • 3 servings (6 scoops): Maximum Energy and BCAAs

Despite the use of the word “anytime”, we wouldn’t use this within 5 hours of going to bed because of the caffeine content.

Side Effects and Other Issues

doctorFirstly, we’ll say this product is intended for adults who exercise, although negative side effects are unlikely if you don’t workout…aside from being pointlessly poorer. Basically, children, elderly people, pregnant/breastfeed women and anyone with a medical condition – don’t use this.

People using prescription medication should check with their doctor to see if BCAA Energy is suitable for you.

Most users will experience no negative effects. People particularly sensitive to caffeine might get a bit buzzy, but you can use as little of the powder as you want the first few times to see how it goes.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Blackwolf Training SupplementsBCAA Energy is typical of the amino acid – energy – anytime workout supplements that all the manufacturers make now, probably in response to the first few that did it. It’s just one more of them, if that makes sense.

With most of these types, it doesn’t really matter what brand you go for, they are all pretty standard…

…with a couple exceptions.

We have found that the best pre-intra-post workout supplements are being made by the less mainstream companies, and one company has particularly impressed us with its extremely diverse formulas, massive 30 gram scoops, and nothing but scientifically and empirically proven ingredients.

BLACKWOLF is making some of the best workout supplements available, and are rapidly becoming known as the highest quality and most affordable – a combination that always works for us!

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