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Ecdysteroids – Steroid-like Anabolic Muscle Growth

Supplement CapsEcdysteroids were originally marketed in the supplement industry as testosterone boosters because of their similar structure to androgenic hormones.

When it was found that they exhibit no androgenic effects, and therefore no testosterone boosting effects, they were largely pushed aside to make way for the next wonderful new potion the companies wanted to push.

The situation changed when scientific researchers saw that ecdysteroids trigger protein synthesis, and might actually be able to do it at levels that rival some anabolic steroids.

And the really interesting part of all this is that suddenly the lack of androgenic effects is a great thing, because it makes ecdysteroids safe.

Steroid-like anabolic muscle growth WITHOUT the negative side effects!?

What Are Ecdysteroids?

They are growth factors in insects and plants, there’s no nicer way to put it to be honest. “Ecdy” is from ecdysis – the process of moulting that an insect goes through. You know – shedding exoskeletons and wings and stuff.

The steroid part of the name is more to do with the steroid ring structure of the molecule. And, they look a lot like androgens. Testosterone is the best example of an androgenic steroid.

What Do Ecdysteroids Do?

muscles on bodybuilderThe results of scientific tests have so far led to the conclusion by some scientists that ecdysteroids have similar effects as anabolic steroids but without the androgenic effect [source].

That is to say that have the anabolic muscle growth effects, without the negative side effects that androgenic anabolic steroids cause, like baldness, acne etc.

There are in fact some synthetic steroids that have milder androgenic effects while still triggering the protein synthesis pathway, so we already knew it was possible to do that.

The good news doesn’t stop there where ecdysteroid benefits are concerned. They can lower bad cholesterol, improve liver and intestinal health, regulate blood sugar levels and maybe even protect the brain.

Examples of Ecdysteroids

If you see names like Turkesterone, Ecdysone, Hydroxyecdysone, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone then you should know these are different forms of ecdysteroid.

They will start to be in more and more capsule supplements for bodybuilding and perhaps even pre-workout shake mixes and the like, especially if the research results keep coming back as positive as they have been.

Products with Ecdysteroids

Dbal Mxx review with bottlesCapsules are probably best at the moment, to ensure the delivery of the ingredients to the intestines.

Anything containing turkesterone or 20-Hydroxyecdysterone because they are probably the strongest forms would be a good bet.

We use one called D Bal Max who’s name is inspired by one of the most famous oral steroids of all time, Dianabol – or – DBol.

They aren’t quite promising DBol gains but they don’t have Dbol side effects either, and a weaker but safer version of an anabolic steroid is still better for muscle growth than nearly everything else on the market.

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