Thursday , February 29 2024

Disclaimer to Demonstrate Transparency

We’ve found negative reviews about good products, and positive ones about terrible products. The key is to know when to tune in and when to tune out. Can we convince you that we know what we are talking about? maybe not, but we can start with some simple honesty:

We make a little money from advertising, and when you follow the link to products we recommend. It helps pay for this website.

Here’s the thing though – we could recommend every product out there and make loads of money, but we don’t. We really only recommend a tiny fraction of the supplements and products we test and review, because we think they are worth it.

Go through our links or don’t go through our links, you decide…but the price is the same to you no matter which way you go. And, sometimes, we may even have discount codes for you if you DO go through us!

If you want to contact us then please drop a line in the comment box provided below.

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