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Dark Bull – Sexual Stimulator Review

dark bullDark Bull is a capsule supplement which is marketed as a male sexual enhancement pill. The manufacturers say it can increase testosterone and act as an aphrodisiac.

The company has other products but promotes them through rather cheap looking single-page websites.

If you decide to click the purchase buttons then you will be redirected to a site called SantéPharm which appears to be the ‘central’ sales site.


VigRX Plus pillsDark Bull contains a few ingredients but the don’t do enough to make a big difference in our experience.

The best products should contain a more comprehensive recipe with multiple ingredients that support the effects of each other.W

We always look for the best products available and only recommend those which are most effective. Follow the link below to read more about them.

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What Is Dark Bull?

Dark Bull is a pill supplement which is supposed to help you with a fast, long lasting erection. The company also says it will give you more control over ejaculation.

They also state that the formula in the supplement can increase you testosterone levels without any side effects.

The main benefits they promote seem to be:

  • stronger and more durable erections
  • control premature ejaculation
  • gain sexual confidence and libido

It does this using 3 ingredients that the company talk about as if they are miracle cures!

The main ingredient they discuss is Guarana – a natural form of caffeine. While there are benefits associated with guarana, it is not an extremely special ingredient. Most energy drinks contain a lot of it.


We’ve already mentioned Guarana, but Dark Bull contains more than this. Here are the ingredients:

  • Guarana: natural form of caffeine, but the effects of guarana don’t often apply to function, performance or health in a sexual context. It may increase general excitability and caffeine has been associated with a slight testosterone increase.
  • Muira Puima: shows some promise in increasing sexual arousal.
  • Taurine: this is possibly where the ‘Bull’ name comes from (Taurine – Taurus). It is an amino acid found in many foods. In this case, it might increase blood flow to the penis.

The manufacturers claim that Taurine will increase male hormones in some way but there is no scientific evidence of this that we have found in our research.

Usage Guidelines: Follow the guidelines on the packaging of any supplement. This product won’t be suitable for anyone with a medical condition or people taking prescription medication unless a doctor says otherwise.

Is There A Guarantee?

There is a money back guarantee offered which lasts for 30 days after purchase, but excludes shipping.

Effectively, this allows you to use Dark Bull and then return the empty bottle. You would have to pay shipping costs, and the 30 day period is effective from the purchase date so the length of usage depends on how long they take to deliver the product to you.

Customer Feedback

The Dark Bull website offers customer testimonials but we couldn’t find any independent feedback.

Purchasing Dark Bull

The website allows you to purchase through the SantéPharm site and offers 4 packages:

  • 1 bottle – €35
  • 2 bottles – €59
  • 4 bottles – €77 and;
  • 6 bottles – €105 (with free shipping)

Conclusion and Recommendations

VigRX PlusAfter reviewing the product, we determine that there are much better products available with highly proven ingredients which will actually help your libido, sexual performance and erections.

We have tested many of these products and only recommend the best ones that available at this time.

The products we recommend are available worldwide and are guaranteed in full. They are delivered quickly and from reputable companies which we are happy to vouch for.

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