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CEL – N-Cinerate Fat Burner Review

cel n cinerateN-Cinerate is a thermogenic fat burning supplement produced by Cutting Edge Labs.

The company claims the product is “the ultimate thermogenic energizer” and promise it can “supercharge” workout sessions; so it would appear Cutting Edge Labs consider N-Cinerate to be a particularly viable option for bodybuilders and other athletic users.

Promised benefits include:

  • Perfect supplement for enhancing weight loss
  • Torches the unwanted fat off your body
  • Increases body heat to burn more calories
  • Gives your body the energy it needs to reach your goals

How the Formulation Works

Exercise or other intense activities result in a rise in body temperature. That’s why joggers and gym-goers can “work up a sweat” quite quickly, even on a cold day.

This rise in body temperature is accompanied by an increased metabolism. A faster metabolism burns calories more quickly and when the available calories (from food) run short the body begins to breakdown body fat to obtain the extra energy it needs.

Some ingredients, chili peppers for example, can trigger a similar rise in body temperature, even during periods of rest. This is the reason why people sometimes begin to sweat while eating curries and other spicy dishes.

Thermogenic fat burners contain ingredients that can produce such a change in the body and jump-start the fat burning process.

Most Recommended Fat Burner

Instant Knockout best fat burnerYou might have come to this site in order to get a clear idea of what you should be taking for great fat loss results.

If we were to give you that suggestion, it would be Instant Knockout.

With a recipe formulated from clinical research and helped along by the professional MMA fighters that it was conceived for, Instant Knockout delivers powerful thermogenic fat burning, appetite suppression, carbohydrate blocking, energy boost and mood lift.

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Key Ingredients

Three capsules provide 1005mg of the N-Cinerate proprietary blend which, in turn, consists of three more proprietary blends:

EndoHeat Matrix:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • White Tea Extract
  • Evodia Rutaecarpa Extract
  • Inositol Hexaphosphate
  • Black Pepper Extract.

MOC-7 (Muscle Optimizing Complex):

  • White Willow Extract
  • Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco Extract
  • DMAE (Deanol Acetamidobenzoate Hydrogentartrate)
  • Inula racemosa Extract
  • Troxerutin
  • Cnidum monnieri Extract
  • Yohimbe Extract.


  • CaffeinX ( Caffeine Anhydrous)
  • Xanthinol Nicotinate
  • Codonopsis pilosula Extract

Blend Potential

The use of proprietary blends has resulted in a lack of inclusion rates for individual ingredients, making it difficult to predict how well the blend is likely to perform as a whole, but the EndoHeat Matrix appears to be the specialist fat burning blend.

The NRGXtreme must be the energy-boosting blend, and the MOC-7 (Muscle Optimizing Complex) is presumably designed to prevent calorie deficits from causing a loss of muscle tissue.

EndoHeat Matrix

Green tea has scientifically proven thermogenic fat burning abilities and one study suggests the weight loss benefits provided by green tea can be increased by combining the ingredient with one or more sources of caffeine.

The NRGXtreme proprietary blend contains caffeine anhydrous, so if the quantities of both ingredients are sufficient the results should be good. White tea also has credibility as a fat burner, as does black pepper extract, and the piperine in black pepper can help the body absorb other ingredients more quickly.

Evodia is believed to be a fat burner, but further tests are needed. Inositol Hexaphosphate has many uses, but is unlikely to trigger fat burning.

MOC-7 (Muscle Optimizing Complex)

All of the ingredients are believed to support the growth of healthy muscle tissue, but white willow and yohimbe stand out as being the two with the most potential.

White willow is reputed to improve protein synthesis, is generally regarded as a fat burner in its own right, and also possesses pain-killing abilities that are not dissimilar to aspirin.

Yohimbe (yohimbine) is a powerful fat burning stimulant. It also boasts a good reputation as a testosterone booster. Testosterone is vital for the growth of healthy muscle tissue, so yohimbe’s addition here is not without merit.


Caffeine Anhydrous is a fast-working stimulant that improves concentration and boosts energy levels. The fact that it is a vital ingredient in so many brands of energy drink is not without reason.

Xanthinol Nicotinate is a strange inclusion for an energy-providing blend, but it is a vasodilator that can (inclusion rates permitting) boost Nitric Oxide levels and improve the results obtained during and after training.

Codonopsis pilosula is another strange addition. Sometimes called poor man’s ginseng, it can improve general wellbeing, but in a blend such as this it may also serve to dilute the powers of the other ingredients.

How to Take N-Cinerate: Three capsules should be swallowed with 8 to 10 floz. of water, twice per day, before meals. If it is a training day, one of the doses should be taken prior to the workout.

In order to minimise the risk of tolerance issues, new users are advised to take only one capsule, twice per day, for the first few days and gradually build up to the full dose if no problems arise. Three capsules should never be exceeded in any four-hour period.

No more than six capsules should be consumed in any 24-hour period. Capsules should never be taken within four hours of bedtime and it is important to drink at least 10 x 8oz. glasses of water each day.

Customer Feedback

No customer feedback was available at the time of this review.

Side Effects & Health Issues

None of the sites promoting the product mention the possibility of side effects, and there is no customer feedback to fill in the blanks, but even the most natural of ingredients are not always tolerated well by all users.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should play it safe and avoid taking this or any other supplement unless its use has been approved by their doctor. People with health problems should be equally cautious.


There is no money back guarantee.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

N-Cinerate seems to be only available via Amazon and eBay. We could find no other suppliers. A number of affiliate websites have pages that market the product, but customers who attempt to purchase the product are diverted to either Amazon or eBay sales pages.


CEL N-Cinerate contains some very good ingredients but there seems to be so many they get lost in the maelstrom. Also, with proprietary blends theres never an accurate idea of how much of an inclusion there is in there!

CEL N Cinerate is not recommended by us!

Continue reading for the most recommended product!

Top Recommended Product

Instant Knockout fat burnerThe top product in this class in our opinion is Instant Knockout. It doesn’t mess around with proprietary blends and it includes clinically proven ingredients at clinically effective dosages.

Don’t settle for anything less than the most open and clear cut of products. Instant Knockout was developed for pros by pros and it will endure a lasting legacy as one of the best weight loss supplements on the market.

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