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Biotest Hot Rox Extreme – Put to the Test

Biotest fat burnerHot Rox Extreme is a weight management supplement produced in Great Britain by Biotest.

The primary focus is on fat burning and with a name that incorporates the word “extreme” the level of hype involved in the marketing claims does not come as much of a surprise.

Unfortunately, you may find the hype to be slightly more impressive than the results, as Hot Rox Extreme doesn’t seem to have attracted the consumer following the company would have liked.

We’ll take our usual stance and test it before we judge though.

Promised benefits include:

  • One of the most potent weight loss formulas out on the market
  • Features the most powerful thermogenic ingredients
  • Helps to increase the thermogenic enzyme
  • Increases the speed of fat metabolism
  • Increases the lipase within fat cells
  • Makes your fat disappear

What is Hot Rox Extreme and how does it Work?

Like all fat burners, Hot Rox Extreme has been formulated to cause changes within the body that speed up the metabolism and encourage the burning of extra fat.

If the formulation is as good as the accompanying marketing claims, the body will begin to burn calories (from food) faster than normal and begin breaking down fat cells to release the calories stored inside them. This process may also result in boosted energy levels.

Current Number 1 Fat Burner

Instant Knockout websiteInstant Knockout set the bar for fat burners when it came onto the market, and it continues to do so.

It is the All Male fat burner of choice, and one that comes highly recommended from professional sportsmen, such as MMA fighter Diego Sanchez.

When a fighter at the top of his game – a game which requires intense weight loss to meet weight category standards – suggests you use a product, you should take note!

IKO is available worldwide, for unbeatable prices. We have provided a full review of it, just see for yourself and follow the link below to read it.

Click for the review of Instant Knockout

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Each capsule provides 500mg of “Biotest X19 Super-Thermogenic Gel” (a proprietary blend). The weights and ratios of individual ingredients are not provided, but the blend contains:

  • Self-Microemulsifying Thermogenic Gel [Lauroyl Macro-gol-32 Glycerides]: Biotest does not provide any details about this ingredient and we were unable to find any information online. However, certain ingredients that have a similar chemical nature are sometimes used to aid the delivery of pharmaceutical ingredients after they have been ingested into the body.
  • Raspberry Ketone: The compound that provides raspberries with their distinctive odour, raspberry ketone is a respected weight loss-enhancing ingredient. It provides appetite suppression and fat burning benefits by increasing the activity of Adiponectin—an important hormone that helps regulate glucose levels and fatty acid catabolism. Raspberry ketone is known to be favoured by many celebrities, including the American socialite Kim Kardashian and the UK’s Roxanne Pallett (Emmerdale Farm).
  • CARBOLIN 19 (forskolin 1,19-carbonate): A patented version of the ingredient coleus forskholii. A plant derivative, coleus forskholii is highly favoured by practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine and has gained quite a reputation as a weight loss provider and as a bodybuilding aid. The ingredient’s versatile nature allows it to encourage fat burning while also protecting against the loss of muscle tissue.
  • Yohimbine HCl: A tree bark extract that is believed to possess aphrodisiac qualities. Yohimbine is a stimulant that can provide extra energy. It is also credited with fat burning abilities, but further study is required.
  • Caffeine: The stimulant caffeine should need no introduction. It can be found in everything from coffee to energy-providing drinks and pills. However many people may find it an eye-opener to discover caffeine can also supress the appetite and speed up the metabolism.
How to Take Hot Rox Extreme: Hot Rox Extreme should always be taken on an empty stomach; and new users are advised to begin by taking one capsule, twice per day with 230ml of water.

If no tolerance issues become apparent it is permissible to up the dosage to two capsules, twice per day, but four capsules should never be exceeded in any 24-hour period. For best results daily supplementation should be continued for at least one month.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is mixed.

A few sample comments read:

“Not as good as the old formula. That worked great. This does diddly-squat other than give me hart burn and leave me feeling worn out.”

“Good product. It’s not a magic pill, but it gives you a decent energy buzz, so if you put in a little extra work, and feel the pump in the gym, it won’t be long before you dump the plump and start to see some changes for the better. Although that might be mostly down to the gym and diet!”

“Total waste of money. Believe the hype at your peril.”

“I lost a pound in the first week and I have more energy now. Hot Rox Extreme is one of the better supplements I’ve tried.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

Past customers report suffering a number of side effects including, vomiting, “crash”, headaches, heartburn, jitters, and itchy skin. Bearing this in mind, pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid the product completely and all other potential users are advised to seek medical advice prior to commencing supplementation.


Biotest does not provide a money back guarantee, but T-Nation customers have a 30-day guarantee period to play with.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Each bottle of Hot Rox Extreme contains 96 capsules and should last from 24 to 48 days, depending on usage. UK-based customers who purchase directly from the Biotest website can expect to pay £44.99 per bottle plus £5.40 for shipping.

The shipping charges applied to orders made from elsewhere in Europe range from £14.40 to a staggering £37.20. The capsules are also available from some online stores, and T-Nation LLC appears to be the main distributor in the USA. The T-Nation price is $44.95 per bottle and shipping is free.

Biotest Hot Rox Extreme – Not Recommended!!

Recommended Products

Instant Knockout best fat burnerWhen it comes to getting rid of fat the All Male way, don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Loads of unfounded hype and weird, undisclosed proprietary blends don’t really cut it anymore. Now, it’s all about transparent formulations and real results!!

The best product available, which ticks all of the right boxes, is Instant Knockout. For us, it is a body transformation in a bottle.

Check out the review and see for yourself whether you want to go hard, or go home!!

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