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What Are The Best Fat Burners And Here’s Why

slim manFat burners are a specific category of weight loss supplements that deserve their own introduction page.

We know most things that can be known about fat burners, and if we don’t know something, then we know people who do.

There’s thousands of products on the market that claim to help you burn fat. In fact, a lot of them promise to help you become a shredded animal within no time at all.

Most of those products are complete rubbish, and the companies use total nonsense to sell them. Hyped up pseudo-scientific babble is the name of the game, unfortunately. And the really awful products can tar the whole industry with their brush.

There are some good ones out there however. We know this from testing them extensively ourselves, and also from knowledge of the ingredients put into them.

Sure, there’s guys who reckon every product is a piece of $#!T but they are probably just pessimistic after too many fat burners have done nothing for them!

And, there’s more to say about the perpetual nay-sayers: they talk the talk, but they don’t really know any more than the next average Joe. What’s more, they probably don’t put the effort in to lose weight and just expect the product to do it all for them.

Nothing can make you shed pounds of fat and grow muscle overnight, so there’s no point expecting it.

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What Makes a Good Fat Burner?

Instant Knockout fat burnerIngredients and their dosage are what differentiates a good fat burner from a bad one. The price has nothing to do with it. Sure, we look at price in the reviews but if you are buying anything like this using cost as your determining factor, you are likely to be disappointed.

Price of good supplements varies and occasionally we’ll find one that is both economical and powerful – a rare win! And those ones – rest assured – will be the most recommended. However, what we are certain of is this: there is no point in buying an ineffective supplement no matter how cheap it is. When it comes down to it, your money will have gone to waste anyway.

The goal is to burn fat, so the first thing to do is find products that will do that, and only then look at price.

What Do Good Fat Burners Do?

ThermaKORMany ingredients do more than one thing to help you lose fat. There are others which have only one weight loss effect, but have other fringe benefits on top. Here are examples of both:

Forskolin is an example of a multi-tasker. It can raise thermogenic fat-burning activity, and raise testosterone levels. Both help reduce fat in their own right.

Glucomannan reduces fat one way; by suppressing appetite. It has other benefits like LDL cholesterol reduction and blood sugar control.

Finding products with ingredients that burn fat, boost energy and sharpen mental focus all at once is almost standard now. When they have effective (and safe) dosages of those ingredient, we get more interested. And so the test and review system goes.

Fat Burning Food

It’s worth noting that there are some fat burners sitting in your kitchen cupboards. This intro is about fat burner supplements, yes, but don’t forget that some of the ingredients that really do work can be added to your daily meals.

We cover fat burning foods in more depth elsewhere on this site.

Successful Fat Loss – The Sum of Parts

ClenbutrolTo lose weight successfully – and healthily – you need to adapt your lifestyle. To maintain the weight you want afterward you have reached your target weight, that lifestyle will need a slight tweak. The only difference between the two states of being is that you won’t need to be in a calorie deficit when you want to maintain/stay at a certain weight.

Perhaps you want to lose fat but build muscle – thereby not necessarily losing weight, but improving your body composition – your Body Mass Index – and maybe even gaining weight in the form of muscle mass. This is trickier than the objective of losing fat, but achievable nonetheless. We deal with that type of lifestyle adaptation on this site as well.

With all these transformations, it’s up to you how successful you are. And it won’t be a case of applying one discipline or action repetitively to succeed. It will be a cumulative process, involving all of the following:

  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Supplementation
  • Rest and Recovery
  • Emotion and stress management

If all of that looks daunting then take solace in the fact that fixing one usually helps the rest to fall into place. And it’s usually the diet and nutrition part.

When you feed your body good things, your mood and feelings of vitality will lift. The motivation and energy to exercise will come at the same time or shortly afterward. You rest and sleep becomes deeper and more effective once the exercise is in place.

And, supplementation can be a powerful tool to fill in any cracks and fine tune your goals and objectives.

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