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BathMate Review and Rating

white hercules and boxBathmate is a penis enlargement device that comes in a range of sizes. The chances are that most people who are hoping to beef up their wedding tackle will need to start off with Bathmate Hercules.

Bigger guys, and people who have already outgrown Hercules, will probably need to go for the Bathmate Goliath.

“Hercules” and “Goliath” are certainly promising-sounding names, but many potential buyers may feel the claims made are a little too good to be true.

However penis vacuum devices have been in use for many years and have proven benefits, so in this case there may be no need to be overly sceptical.

Promised benefits include:

  • Increases your penis length
  • Increases your penis thickness
  • Enlarges your penis head
  • Helps you gain volume quickly
  • Help you feel more self-confident
  • Helps you last longer in bed

The #1 Recommended Pump: BathMate

HerculesThere’s really no other way to go than BathMate for a quality, safe, size-increasing pump.

When it comes down to it, you only get one penis! You must treat it as such, and this device is the best for getting real growth while keeping everything healthy and in top shape.

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What is BathMate and How Does it Work?

bath mate Penis enlargers that are designed to place the penis in a vacuum are so effective because by placing the penis into such an environment they encourage an increased amount of blood to flow into the organ’s soft, spongy tissue; causing it to pump-up and expand.

Bathmate is a little different from similar devices in so much as it incorporates water into the process—hence the name.

The necessary suction is created when the user pumps water from the device, and it is this unique action that allows the Bathmate to achieve the optimum balance of pressure required for growth.

How to use Bathmate

Although the device can be used in the shower, it may be easier to use it while sitting in a bath.

Once inside the bath it is just a case of following a simple five-step process:

  1. Submerge the device and allow it to fill with water. Once this is achieved slide the penis inside (while still underwater).
  1. Push the device down towards the pelvis several times to crate the vacuum. As the pressure builds up any surplus water will be ejected from the pressure release valve at the top of the chamber. When no more water is emitted (usually three or four pumps) it signifies the device has reached the optimum pressure.
  1. After five minutes the penis will have expanded sufficiently to displace more of the water so the device will need to be pumped again until no more water can be emitted. This process should be repeated again after another five minutes has passed, but the penis should not be allowed to stay inside the device for more than 15 minutes per session.
  1. To release the pressure in preparation for removal (or if discomfort arises) manually activate the pressure release valve.
  1. Slide the unit off the penis.

Bathmate should be used at least three times per week, but can be used up to once per day every day of the week.

Customer Feedback

Bathmate penis enlargers may suck, but their performance does not. Numerous satisfied users are happy to share their success stories online.

A few typical comments read:

“The size of my penis has always been a cause of concern for me and really sapped my confidence with girls, but I gave bathmate a try and it’s my new best friend. I can see a big difference and no longer fear stripping off for those first encounters. Best money I ever spent.”

“After 15 minutes I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I never thought such a thing was possible. My penis looked so much bigger and felt so much harder, I had to pull my wife away from Corrie so that I could test everything out. Ken Barlow you got competition!”

“My d!ck was never really that big, but it was never that small either, so I guess I’m just greedy and I can definitely say the Bathmate works. I’ve worked my way up to the Goliath and my sex life has never been better.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

Penis pumps have been around for a long time and are generally considered safe to use, but Bathmate suggests people who suffer from physical penis conditions speak to their GP before using the device.

They also state their penis enlargement devices are not suitable for anyone who has had recent surgery in the genital area.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

bath mate and bagBathmate products can be purchased from a number of online stores, but most people will probably find it quicker and easier to purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website.

The colour choice is red, clear, or blue; and the price ranges from €85 (£60) for a Bathmate Hercules to €149.95 (£106) for a Bathmate Goliath, with the other options falling somewhere in between. Customers who wish to do so can also purchase a number of accessories including a cleaning kit and a shower strap (supports the penis).


Bathmate offer customers a 60 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee. Claims can by using a (UK) freephone number to contact customer services.

The Bottom Line

bath mateVacuum devices have been proven to be an effective means of stimulating penile growth and customer feedback suggests Bathmate is no exception.

The implementation of water is a little unusual, but the unique design should help prevent an overly high amount of (damaging) suction being applied to the penis.

For this reason we feel Bathmate will be a safer option than many competing models. It’s a quality product that should deliver good results, and customers are provided with a money back guarantee, so what’s not to love?

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