Friday , May 20 2022

Ross T

Herculex Erection Gel

herculex couple

Herculex is a gel, made to be applied to the penis to stimulate an erection. According to the company it creates ‘a massive erection in no time.’ They also say that users will be able to apply the gel again after orgasm and stimulate another erection ‘almost immediately’. The formula …

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Gladiator Sexual Impotency Pills Review

gladiator couple

Gladiator is a pill supplement which has been formulated to help men with sexual impotency issues. The company that manufactures it states that the herbal ingredients inside each pill of Gladiator will help the user to achieve and maintain erections, as well as boost sexual arousal and increase stamina. The …

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XXXPower Aphrodisiac Cream Review

xxxpower cream

XXXPower is an aphrodisiac cream which is applied to the penis to encourage sexual desire and maintain an erection. The product’s selling point is that many other products can stimulate the physiological process to cause an erection but fail to maintain it because the sexual desire must be present also. …

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T MAX France Review

t max banner

T MAX is a dietary supplement which is promoted to men of any age who have erectile dysfunction or any problems stimulating and maintaining and erection. The company discusses statistics to sell their product. According to them 20% of men ranging from 18 to 65 years old suffer from erectile …

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Sexe Bom’b Review UK and Europe

sexe bom'b

Sexe Bom’b is a supplement the company says can give you longer, harder erections by increasing the amount of blood cells in the penis. The product site targets the insecurities many men suffer about the size of their penis. They explain a ‘survey’ undertaken that showed 67% of women are …

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Pack ‘Or Erectile Dysfunction Pills

pack or

Pack ‘OR is a twin-pack of pill supplements intended to help the user overcome male impotence. The Erect Excel’or is to improve erection strength and firmness while the Penis Endur’o is meant to increase sexual stamina. The purchase process is yet another which gets redirected to the SantéPharm website for …

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Dark Bull – Sexual Stimulator Review

dark bull banner

Dark Bull is a capsule supplement which is marketed as a male sexual enhancement pill. The manufacturers say it can increase testosterone and act as an aphrodisiac. The company has other products but promotes them through rather cheap looking single-page websites. If you decide to click the purchase buttons then …

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Ripped Fuel Extreme – Twin Labs – Our Review

twinlab ripped fuel

Ripped Fuel Extreme is a food supplement produced by Twin Labs, and it’s been around for quite some time, but when the company changed the original formulation it did not go down well with many users. At the time of this review Twin Labs had repackaged the product to give …

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TRANS4ORM from Evlution Nutrition – Review

evlution trans4orm

TRANS4ORM is a dietary supplement manufactured in the US by Evlution Nutrition. The formulation contains several stimulants and is marketed as a “thermogenic energizer”, and is primarily designed for active people looking for something extra to help them stay in shape. The promised benefits are: Food Craving Control Boosted Metabolism …

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